Saturday, December 4, 2010

Champagne DREAMS and Caviar Knishes

We dispensed with many of our religious and military responsibilities this past week, in order to clear the way for our December 18th (hopefully) annual Hawaiian get away.

First up, Jews: Hanukkah celebration, check.

hanukkah black and brown Two down, eight to go. Happy to be here!

next, military families: New Fisher House dedication, check.

fischer house  Repurposing in these times of trouble: Quilted argyle upholstery fabric and horse blanket wrap coat.


Finally, the military: Big Guy at Bagram, check.

bagram Happy to be here, too!


Lady M at the Big White cookies and crafts for our military families gathering, check.

toys for tots So what if it’s daytime brocade? At least it mostly fits and covers the knees! Hallelujah!

Ok, now that we’ve done our part, back to you, Congressional Dems. Here’s what we still have on our Lame Duck legislative wish list:

  • Lady M’s No Fat Kids’ Behinds Bill: because we have to feed the kids more in order to save them from obesity (check! Special Thanks to the House from Lady M and the SEIU!)
  • Unemployment extension: the only recessionary action PROVEN to create jobs!
  • Net Neutrality: Because someone’s bound to challenge the FCC’s authority to take over the Internet. We need a law that makes shutting down conservative content the sole responsibility of our FCC Czar.
  • START: Because you can always have too many nuclear deterrence devices.
  • DADT: Because Colin Powell and editorial writers across the country say so. And our own internal survey, conducted by our own, hand selected, consultant said military men and women agree with us.
  • Dream Act:  “to give young people the chance to obtain legal status by pursuing a higher education, or by serving in the U.S. armed forces for the country they've grown up in and love as their own.” See how mean it would be to deny them the right their parents denied them?
  • Extending Middle Class Tax Cuts: Because despite the fact that the Bush tax cuts were only tax cuts for the rich when he was in office, by letting them expire we will now be imposing tax increases on the beleaguered middle class. Or something. All I know is we need to tax the fat cats more, because Nancy Pelosi is covering the need to create new jobs by increasing unemployment benefits.

So, if you don’t mind, lets get crackin’! We’ve got a lot of Winter Holiday plannin’  and partyin’ to get on with.