Monday, November 29, 2010

Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off and START All Over Again. This Time With Bipartisanship.

“Heading into a tough new political season, President Obama is striking positive new tones that contrast with the introspective self-doubt that followed his midterm election drubbing.”  Washington Examiner

Well, that didn’t take long. Butt then, how long do you think Big Guy could withstand “introspective self doubt?” ( Although truthfully, most of his introspection consisted of wondering how he failed to see just what dolts you people clinging to your guns and religion really are - and believe me, he did think you were pretty big dolts to begin with.  So you can see where the self-doubt came in.) 

All that unaccustomed self doubt so threw him off his game that he took an elbow in a pick-up game of b-ball with the boyz - and to his most valuable real estate, no less: the lips. And if you don’t believe it, just ask TOTUS.


So, thankfully, the introspection is over. Time to roll out a new game strategy. We’re adding bipartisanship to our plays.

By adding a renewed appeal for bipartisanship to his daily messaging, Obama also is hoping to establish a contrast with the more truculent Republican leadership, potentially creating a good cop-bad cop political dynamic the White House hopes will work to his advantage.

Way to go BO! Throw them off their game! Good cop (Big Guy, natch) bad cop (truculent Republicans). That’s the way to true bipartisanship. He learned that from Rahmbo, before we had to throw him to the dogs for being too accommodating to the enemy’s position.

"The test, ultimately, is going to be whether or not you have two sides that are capable of working together to make progress," said White House press secretary Robert Gibbs. "Washington can't just be what Washington has always been."

That’s right, we need more bipartisanship: You know, when RINO’s agree with Big Guy? 

The president also used his annual Thanksgiving radio address to issue a call for the parties to work together, saying "it's not about left or right."

"It's about us," Obama said. "It's about what we know this country is capable of. It's about what we want America to be in this new century."

Unfortunately, there still seems to be two divergent views of exactly what that is: Socialist Utopia, or Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.

Korean-night Korean night. Can you find the socialist utopia of North Korea? No light “pollution” there.

“So let’s all just get along OK? Because… I won. Then I lost. Butt… I’m still the President. Aren’t I?”

One of the first things BO wants to see some bipartisanship on is the Russian RE-START treaty. Because it’s really, really important. And he told Pootie he could git ‘er done.

Richard Burt, who negotiated the START-1 treaty in 1991 with the then-USSR, told PBS’s “Newshour” on Nov. 17 that without a treaty not only do we lose the ability to keep tabs on Russia’s nuclear arsenal, we miss the chance to improve relations with the Russians and we lose all credibility with the rest of the world on stopping nuclear proliferation.

“Only two governments in the world,” he said, “wouldn’t like to see this treaty ratified: the government in Tehran and the government in North Korea.” 

Did I hear that correctly: the two governments who would not like to have this treaty ratified: Iran and North Korea? Normally I would accept that as reason enough to block its ratification. Butt I think Mr. Burt meant to imply that if Russia and the US “dial down” the rogue states will likewise be required to surrender their nuclear arsenals (that they don’t have). Heh. That doesn’t even pass the laugh test.

Meanwhile, in other Big White news, Lady M is resting her containment systems up for our next public ‘outing’,

straining at the seams MO sits, precariously, without a chair seat directly under her derriere, butt all containment systems are holding.

And Big Guy, having taken one for the team earlier this weekend on the B-ball court, decided to play with the girls yesterday.

b-ball 3  Returning to the Big White after a game of pickup with the Wee Wons and some of their friends. No more harm to the lips.

Thank goodness there were no more incidents and accidents. Big Guy’s got a busy week ahead: he’ll be speaking harshly to the North Koreans and the Republicans. Oh, and the WikiLeakers too. They’re really beginning to get under BO’s skin.