Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ding Dong Done, Damn it!

As the fates would have it, I’m still holed up in fly-over. My Air Force mini-jet was forced to land in Laramie, Wyoming due to severe upper air turbulence. I know this wouldn’t have happened if they had sent Air Force Won or Too to pick me up, instead of the little prop jet. Butt I guess someone decided I’m not important enough to dispatch one of the “big boys.”

Apparently they haven’t seen what happens when I’m not around:

MICHELLE-OBAMA Recession sensitive re-purposed bedding; should’ve used the king sized

I hate to blow my own horn, butt had I been back, I would have smoothed out the Shar Pei wrinkles around the mid-drift, diminished the mass in the thigh region, eliminated the knee-bends, and transformed that “I really have to find a bathroom” look to an “I’m glad to be home” face. So you tell me - would that have been worth the $65k it would have cost to have AF Won swing by and pick me up? I think so too.

Anyway, since we can’t take off any earlier than tomorrow afternoon, due to the unyielding winds, I’ve used the time to catch up on the Beltway news. And I see that the new “sekrit” JournOlist has unleashed their talking points on the R-words plan to read the Constitution on the House Floor. They don’t like their holier than thou attitude, and therefore have deemed that Republicans are suffering from a constitutional “fetish.”

My own personal recollections of fetishes include that of a certain high-ranking political advisor in the last Democratic administration who had a toe fetish, and an even higher ranking official in that same administration who had a cigar fetish. And then there was that Democratic governor from New York who had all sorts of fetishes involving hookers and sox.

So considering the alternatives, maybe a Constitutional fetish isn’t such a bad thing.

Butt for a more rational argument to that effect, you should really  read  Power Line, because he’s much smarter than I am (butt not as smart as Big Guy, who was a professor of Constitutional Law.)

Anyway, subsequent to the November elections and per the Constitution, the gavel was pried from San Fran Nan’s fingers and passed to the new Speaker, John Boehner, yesterday.


There were not protests, no riots and no violence. Just as the Constitution envisioned it. Not bad for a document that was written “over 100 years ago.”


The Speaker is dead; long live the Speaker!


I think we’re making progress.

wicked witch is dead

Ding Dong