Wednesday, January 5, 2011

She’s Ba-ack! Aa-aack!

I’ll be wrapping up my annual tune-up at Hill Air Force Base this afternoon with a buff and polish of my highly refractive surfaces, and then it’s back to the Big White aboard an Air Force shuttle, previously assigned to Nancy Pelosi’s family.

And from the looks of things going on back there, I’m likely one of the few around the Big White whose job is not in jeopardy.



deplane No Containment, No Prob: We De-Plane “Sidewinder”

So, let me just say, “I am SOOOOO sorry!”

I should have been there to stop the madness, butt orders are orders, and I follow orders. Now, put the eye bleach away, out of the children’s reach, moisten a Kleenex with distilled water and lay it on your eyelids for a couple of minutes. You’ll be good as new in no time. Except for those images which will be burned into your hard drive. As punishment.

Anyway, see you all soon back at my day job. There’s much, much to be discussed, among them Nancy Pelosi finding the religion of jobs and fiscal responsibility, and Gibbsy cashing in on his, ahem, skill set. This I’ve got to see with my own eyes. So until I’m back on the job, let’s be careful out there.