Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Leaving Hawaii: Mad

I was watching Fox TV (which they have on every motel cable once you get outside the beltway) and I see the word slipped out on Mayor Daley’s brother Bill taking the chief of staff job at the Big White.

I just wanted to let you know that it’s part of Big Guy’s job rotation program. He read about the concept in one of his business journals, USA Today, I think, and thought it could solve a lot of problems. Anyway, it was originally supposed to be Richard Daley, switching with Rhambo straight up. Then someone noticed the pesky City of Chicago ordinance that requires that you not only have an official residence in the city, but it also actually requires you to actually get elected before you can hold the job. Big Guy thought he could just appoint Rhambo, like the other czars. So this one’s going to cost us, big time.

Anyway, Dick had already announced his retirement before Big Guy’s little people actually read the ordinance to find out what was in it. And now, with all the brew-ha-ha, Dick has decided that what he really wants is a cushy job where he can semi-retire, maybe a nice Ambassadorship somewhere. So he gave the Big White job to his little brother.

Originally there was supposed to be a job rotation for Lady M too, who, as you know, hates being FLOTUS. She was thinking either Secretary of State or Secretary of Homeland Security, butt neither of the current job holders would agree to the switch: Hil because she’s been there, done that; and Bruno because of – well, because of the title.

The only people who volunteered to swap jobs with MO are, how shall I put this? – the wrong gender. And she wasn’t interested in their jobs anyway. Reggie and Kal were against it too, butt Big Guy was all for it!

So in an expression of her displeasure with the results of the search to put more meaning in her life, Lady M decided to appear in public yesterday without me.


What can I say? When she decides to stage these little protests, it’s always ugly.

As you see, she was still mad when she left town.

leaving HI Butt well fed.

From the road, this is your roving Big White reporter, signing off.