Monday, January 10, 2011

The Sarkozys Come Calling. Please Bring Dom.

This is going to be a very, very tough day.

First, the moment of silence on the South Lawn in memory of the Tucson shooting victims. And then…lunch. With the dreaded Carla. So you know we aren’t going to be able to eat much. In public. Lady M hates being in the same room as skinny ladies, let alone break bread with them.

carla has little eye

Butt first, the memorial. The nation awaits Big Guy’s words to tone down the heated rhetoric regarding tea parties, guns and partisan politics surrounding the shooting and the shooter.

Its strange that this has become such a politically charged issue given that by all evidence the murderer was driven not by political conviction, but rather concerns over grammar. I know that I, for one, will be running my spell and grammar checker religiously from now on.

Butt consider it testimony to the fact that there is nothing so tragic that we cannot make even more tragic by turning it into a platform for partisan politics.

So believe it or not, the Big Guy-Little Guy matchup


combined with the the Big Lady-Little Lady (lunch) will be a welcome relief.


The Big and Little Presidents, aside from their oversized egos, have a lot in common. Both are in favor of a new international monetary system that would end the dollar's status as the sole reserve currency. And they also are both in favor of an increased global governance function. They disagree however on the taxation of the world’s finance markets. Little Guy wants a Global Financial Regulator to do that. Big Guy wants to do it himself and pocket the change.

So these two World Class super-egos will  have to duke it out, while the ladies lunch.

Of course Carla will pick at her salad and have a bite or two of her dessert. We’re planning on having Lady M follow suit. The only thing is, we somehow have to figure out how to squeeze in her regular feeding between the South Lawn memorial and the official First Ladies of the World lunch. It will be tight, but we’re used to feeding under pressure.

kessy Carla, cheesing in on Lady M’s turf. Just shut up and eat.