Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Eagle has Landed: A Slippery Slope Ensues

A little Dead President’s Weekend surprise: We’re going skiing!

 motus-stein_copy[3] (or snowboarding, in my case)

In Vail! and Beaver Creek! All the A-listers ski here.

Here we are arriving at Eagle County Airport last night (As confirmed by the Gateway Pundit):

2 Air Force Won 2 lands at Eagle

And here’s where we’re staying:


The Sebastian: “Vail’s newest boutique hotel.” It’s really swanky – I’ve even got my own little closet!

We don’t have any public events planned while we’re in Vail, so I’ll have to rely on sneaky shots from my 2-way mirror-cam, and locals with their iPhones.

And since it was really too dark for good shots of our 12 car, 15 local gendarmes consort on the way from the airport to our luxury hotel, I’ll take this opportunity to respond to a special request from yesterday’s “MOTUS Gets Requests” mailbag: Mrs. P begged for a weekend replay from last summer’s Martha’s Vineyard vacay. So here you are - a special from MOTUS’ Requisition Redux file: Lady M’s tennis entourage…

…featuring a cameo of moi:

motus in vineyard tennis enterage

That’s a screenshot of me in the back seat with my Prince racket. (A little bit of trivia: Prince was the first racket with an oversized head – just like Big Guy!)