Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How Not to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Lady M is still resting up today from last night’s ‘no big deal’ romantic Valentine’s day celebration. The dinner was to die for: I swear I’ve never seen  lobsters that big! (Big Guy’s little people arranged for him to get Lady M flowers, Godivas in a heart shaped box and another diamond bracelet – because you can never go wrong with jewelry).

So while Lady M is getting ready for the Medal of Freedom presentation this afternoon (Maya Angelou is coming!), I thought I’d share the Valentine’s day episode of the WTF Theatre, (brought to you by GE: Imagination at Work) in which we see how Valentine’s Day is a vital component in our Win the Future pogrom.

We join Cody and Skye in their Seattle condo last night:



FireShot- The original GE Theater


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