Monday, February 14, 2011

Lady M’s Fashion Week Heads-Up

I’m sure you all know that New York Fashion week started last Friday.  And if you don’t think that the designers follow Lady M’s every move as inspiration for their own work, check this out:

FireShot- chinared3

Prabal Gurung gown from Fashion Week ‘11, Lady M with Woo Hu

And that, my friend, is how you define fashion forward. Every look that MO sports is quickly mainstreamed by an adoring public. And we’ve covered a great many of those trends right here on my little blog: mini-me cardis, shoes, pins, bangles, bracelets, Spanx, frocks and, our signature fashion forward statement, the boob belt.

Butt so far, we’ve never covered head gear. That’s because Lady M is not, as a rule, a huge fan of wearing hats that don’t start and end with “wig.” She rarely dons anything else atop her noggin and when she does, it usually has disastrous results. Take, for example, that unfortunate headscarf we donned in Indonesia out of respect for the local religious customs.

How were we supposed to know that MO was allergic to the fabric and that it would cause an uncomfortable itch in an unfortunate place, resulting in this internationally famous scratch:


You’d think that would be the end of the discussion of hats, wouldn’t you? Butt you’d be wrong.

When I saw this collection of cutting edge bonnets at American Digest yesterday, I knew we had hit fashion gold. These creative adornments, just now hitting the Egyptian runway, emerged organically from local artisans as a direct result of Big Guy giving Mubarak the boot and freeing the Egyptians.

egyptian headgear-AD

Last night I pulled together a quick stylin’ session with Lady M and Ikram. We worked into the wee hours experimenting with these stylish and oh-so au currant chapeaus. We didn’t bother with the ice queen look in the lower right because we have so done that motif before, and it just won’t turn any heads in the American market.

I hope you enjoy our efforts. Here are my final headshots:

Lady M’s 2011 Social Network Revolutionary Headgear Line: International Edition

First, a casual little number for everyday named in honor of Lady M’s favorite pole dancing song by the Commodores, “She’s a Brick House”:

she's a brick house-WM copy

And I mean that in the best possible way. Great for handling all the day-to-day incoming flak.

Next, the very affordable, and organic, “Boxy Lady”:

boxy lady-crop-WM copy

Can also be used in a pinch to harvest all those organic shoots that keep sprouting up in your backyard garden.

Next, my personal favorite, perfect for those days when you just can’t pack a proper snack bag, the Baggett Beret:

bread roll helmet copyWM

This headgear serves a dual role: not only will it ward off a mid-morning drop in blood sugar, but it also has built in noise-cancelling headphones that muffles all those high pitched whiny noises. I really need one of these myself.

Here’s another smart number from our multi-tasker brain-bucket line. I call this one the "Double Dooty aka the Loaf Pan:

pasta pot-crop copy

Never again will you have to carry a handful of plastic bags when you take man’s best friend out for his “daily constitutional.” With the Loaf Pan, you’re noggin will be shielded from the sun’s rays and any rogue radio frequencies. And when Rover stops to do his business you just slip it off and it immediately transforms from sun bonnet to organic waste composter. I’m getting one of these for myself...for the radio frequency protection, not know.

As noted above, one of the most important reasons for wearing a snappy lid is to keep the damaging rays of the sun off your dome. Our next number does that better than anything else on the market today. I proudly present the Solar Portabella:

Spain Michelle Obama

You tell me that this wouldn’t come in handy at the beach, or on those summer strolls through the Kasbah.

We didn’t forget the boys either. Here’s what the unimaginative designers at Fashion Week are offering up for men’s head gear (although the clothes are nice):

newyork fashionweek hatsbmp nhoolywood hatsuntitled newyork fashionweek hatsbmp

Our sole entry in the gentlemen’s toque category was specifically designed to address one of our most pressing national security concerns: keeping Big Guy’s head above water. I call it:

the Jug Head:

head above water cop-WMy

Guaranteed to keep you afloat in a sea of flotsam and jetsam, this is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind brain bucket. Not available in stores (at least not without some assembly required).

And that’s it: our 2011 Mad Hatter collection. All models, except the presidential model mentioned above, will be available exclusively at the MOTUS Boutique.

h/t American Digest and Weasel Zippers