Friday, February 18, 2011

Wisconsin Volley: Budgeting to the Baseline

Well, we’ve rounded up the usual subjects and bussed them into Wisconsin:  oraganizing for america

Actually, this is just a drill to see how well the system will work in case we’re forced to hold the normally scheduled 2012 elections. So far so good.

It’s too bad we haven’t pulled our civilian national police force together yet. No, silly, not to control the protestors  - to join them. After all, Big Guy has already weighed-in on the situation. He said the R-words were acting stupidly:

"Some of what I've heard coming out of Wisconsin, where you're just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain generally seems like more of an assault on unions. And I think it's very important for us to understand that public employees, they're our neighbors, they're our friends. These are folks who are teachers and they're firefighters and they're social workers and they're police officers.

"They make a lot of sacrifices and make a big contribution. And I think it's important not to vilify them or to suggest that somehow all these budget problems are due to public employees."

That’s right! Not all of the budget problems are due to public employees. After all, only 1% of the state’s population are public employees. Oh sure, they account for 60% of Wisconsin’s budget. Wow! Just think of how much of the state’s total economy they must be propping up. How can they afford not to give them what they want?

Reports from the field reveal that “thousands of teachers played hooky in Wisconsin to protest against the end to collective bargaining next month. Their unexcused absences shut down schools across the state.”  And right there, you see the power of public unions. Clearly they can’t be ignored. Next thing you know, you’ve got ourselves another Greek situation. And I’m not talking Delta Tau Chi,

delta tau chi

butt the government shutdown:


Butt on an equally important front, I know everyone’s been wondering “What’s Lady M been up to lately?” Well, yesterday she made a commercial PSA at Georgetown University for the U.S. Tennis Association and her No Child’s Fat Behind program.

Why the USTA you ask?  Because she’s a really big fan. Although I’ve never actually seen her play tennis (velocity of a tennis ball + high tech glass surface + internal electronics = budget deficit).

tennis Off to our tennis date last summer on the Rock

I think we’ve got something planned with the NFL at Disney World later this year, too.

football michelle

I’m not sure about the NFL, butt I’m hoping for a cameo in the USTA PSA: motus_tennis_match_copy_thumb[2]