Thursday, May 5, 2011

Risky/Not Risky; Attending/Not attending; Dougie/not Dougie

Risky/Not Risky

Do these people ever listen to themselves? Or think? I don’t remember any other Administration so discombobulated so much of the time.


Maybe it’s that “experience” thing again. I wonder if we could maybe hire Big Guy an executive coach along with his new teleprompter coach.

Attending/Not Attending

Ground Zero ceremony today:

  • George W. Bush: No. Thank you for asking though.
  • Dick Cheney: not invited
  • Donald Rumsfeld: definitely not invited
  • Rudy Giuliani: uncommitted as of press time, butt yes, he’ll be there; he owns ground zero.
  • Joey Bidden: will attend, if someone will divulge the location
  • Bill Clinton: previous engagement
  • Hillary Clinton: undecided, waiting on poll results
  • Leon Panetta: undecided, unclear if his timeout will be over in time
  • ValJar: are you kidding? Wouldn’t miss it for the world.
  • Eric Holder: boycotting Ground Zero until such time as the new Mosque is built
  • Sarah Palin: not invited. Had conflict any way; combat training
  • Oprah: Uh…no. Busy.
  • Chris Matthews: Yes, with rings on his fingers, bells on his toes and tingles in his pants
  • Nancy Pelosi: Yes, butt she’ll be 5 years late
  • Harry Reid: No. He fell over yesterday and got a boo boo. Don’t worry, he’s fine.
  • Senator Chucky Schummer: is there a camera?
  • Rep. Anthony Weiner: is there a camera?
  • Rep. Peter King: attending, butt not really welcome
  • Donald Trump: undecided, wants to see the official invitation

Dougie/Not Dougie

Well, I’ll leave this one up to you to decide because I don’t really  know who or what a Dougie is. I’m guessing that it’s some new kind of flash-line dance invented by Beyonce. See what you think:

Dougie by Beyoncé at PS 161, Harlem

And wow! That “Let’s Move” campaign must really work because I don’t see any fat behinds there; at least not until BeyoncĂ© shows up

Alternate “Dougie” by Lady M at Alice Deal Middle School, Washington. No kids fat behinds here either.



Want to see the video too? Really? OK.

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