Saturday, May 7, 2011

If Mama ain’t Happy, ain’t No One Happy.

All the glorious work that Big Guy has accomplished in the past week and still, people want to talk about the economy?

Well, at least they’re reporting good news this week. According to the MSM, Big Guy hit a triple for the team this month! The private sector created 260k jobs last month, (or 7000, if you take the smoke and mirrors (no relation) out of the calculations); food price increases drop, and now match inflation! Which is going up! (Thanks to the Bernanke’s “quantitative easing” programs.) I guess you’re not supposed to notice that almost every food product has been downsized while simultaneously going up in price, because if you factored that in, food price increases would be much greater than inflation.  And finally, gasoline prices dropped a fraction of a penny this week! After going up for 44 weeks straight! Oh, and did you hear that unemployment went up from 8.8% to 9%? No? That’s probably because the MSM didn’t report that.

Butt don’t worry, we are on correct path now, comrades. Let’s give it up for Big Guy!

ft campbell

Meanwhile, Lady M and Dr. Jill were holding an “event to mark the Mother's Day for military connected mothers, grandmothers, and spouses,” whatever that means.

mojillNot sure about the dress, pin and shoes, butt love the chrome O-ring

abigwind…and major kudos to our dresser on the length

On the other hand, Dr. Jill may be spending a little too much time with Lady M.

Screenshot Studio capture #066

113818274And open toed, sling back, floral heels? Really?

You know - hosiery wouldn’t be a bad idea either.



Oh well, I’m sure all of the “military connected mothers, grandmother’s and spouses” really appreciated the effort the ladies put into this charity appearance.

Now if I may, just a quick recap of the Sink-O-de-Mayo party. As I’m sure you saw, Big Guy was feeling his oats after personally taking OBL out and decided he could take on Lady M as well:

"You do not want to be between Michelle and a tamale," joked the president. "It’s true. It’s true.” (Thanks Breeze!)

You may recall what happened a couple of years ago at the Fiesta Latina when Big Guy was foolish enough to get between Lady M and Thalia – truly one hot tamale:

You can tell that Lady M didn’t appreciate him bringing it up again the other night:

thetongueDon’t get too cocky, little man. Remember: if mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy. And it doesn’t look like mama’s happy.

Excellent round of discussion yesterday MO/YLs and MO/YDs! Great snark! Butt then, I expect nothing less from all of you. Lovely, really, just lovely.

Secret assignment is going well, butt my internal atomic clock is all screwed up.