Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Warning: Eye Candy makes your butt look big

Yesterday was so busy we had to call in a backup dresser to help with all the wardrobe changes.

Immediately following our private daybreak champagne breakfast of champions celebrating the demise of OBL, we took to the south lawn for a Let’s Move! event with Kelly Ripa. She and Regis are sponsoring a Run Across America; now that’s what you do if you’re really serious about getting rid of fat butts.


I thought that Lady M had learned her lesson at last Monday’s sphere roll about standing next to Kelly: not a good idea if you don’t want to look like an Amazon.

perfect O

Seriously, Kelly is so short that she even jogs in 5 inch stilettos:

Kelly Ripa Kristin Chenoweth Kelly Ripa AnnaLynne nvyE8MYKwQSl

There’s just no way this is going to be a fair fight:

rhumba_thumb[7]kellyrmichelle arms


Later, after all that sweaty fun, we had  to clean up and change for another Medal of Honor  ceremony.


We wore recycled Balenciaga for the posthumous awarding of the Medal of Honor for conspicuous gallantry to U.S. Army Private First Class Anthony T. Kahoâohanohano and Private First Class Henry Svehla; both of whom bravely sacrificed their own lives in the Korean War in order to save their fellow soldiers. I don’t know why, but this ceremony didn’t seem to resonate very much with people around here. Butt then, most people around the Big White these days think the Vietnam War was ancient history, and wouldn’t have even heard of the Korean War butt for old MASH reruns.

Our very special Balenciaga that we selected for this ceremony is from last September and is part of our “candy” line of designer frocks:


Left, Lady M’s “Good ‘n Plenty” frock, right, her “Skittles” dress


The “Good and Plenty” looks as good going as it does coming:

at least it covers our knees

We barely had time to cleanup again, have a pre-prandial cocktail and change before the guests began showing up for the annual Bipartisan Congressional dinner for the Committee Chairmen and their spouses.

And Wow! Was that fun! Even the R-words applauded Big Guy, enthusiastically this time, for taking OBL out. We served the champagne that was left over from breakfast, and everyone had a smashing good time.

For the dinner we wore our chartreuse silk charmeuse that was last seen in Copenhagen - where we were humiliated by the International  Olympics Committee’s rejection of our bid for Chicago to host the 2016 games. Honestly, that was all political; Billy Mays himself wouldn’t have been able to make a better pitch.

Screenshot Studio capture #064RIP, Billy

Lady M intended to burn this dress when we got home butt forgot about it after it was swept away by the Big White laundry for reconditioning. I don’t think she even remembered it when one of our new dressers trotted it out for last night’s dinner.

copenhagen butterfly bow dress

Especially since we didn’t wear our winter time mini-me sweater with it.

copenhagenjpgCopenhagen, 2009

Also from the “candy” line of frocks, this “Bit ‘o Honey” looks as good going as coming, too.

mo's backside

Anyway, I was going to tell you about our Oprah appearance, which also aired yesterday, butt with the frenzy of activity to report on I’m going to have to hold off on that until tomorrow.

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