Friday, June 24, 2011


I wonder if Big Guy and Joey B have swapped roles for awhile? You know - job rotation for developmental purposes. Just in case.

While Joey B was busy screwing up the budget negotiations, Big Guy was sticking his foot down his throat. At least this horrible gaffe

explains another horrible gaffe, that still has people scratching their heads, years later. Which is: “what on earth was Lady M thinking?” when she chose this dress?


For the posthumous Medal of Honor ceremony for SFC Jared Monti back in September of 2009? Apparently, she had simply been misinformed by some incompetent staff.

You might like to know that back then Big Guy and TOTUS had this to say about the very brave SFC Monti:

They say it was a rocket-propelled grenade; that Jared made it within a few yards of his wounded soldier. They say that his final words, there on that ridge far from home, were of his faith and his family: “I’ve made peace with God. Tell my family that I love them.”

And then, as the artillery that Jared had called in came down, the enemy fire slowed, then stopped. The patrol had defeated the attack. They had held on — but not without a price. By the end of the night, Jared and three others, including the soldier he died trying to save, had given their lives.

Wow! How does that slip your mind? Maybe I better go back and re-read Robin of Berkeley’s column, “A Shrink Asks, What’s Wrong With Obama” (H/T Jayne). Minimally, I think we need to get a little more sleep around Big White. Also, we need to follow rule #1: never open our mouth without TOTUS.

My regular update from Africa may be delayed until afternoon, due to sunspots, or something.


Butt don’t worry, we’re still workin’ it down here!

UPDATE: don’t forget the original Pundette post on this, as well as her followup.

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