Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Marching to Pretoria

Here we are right after touch down yesterday in the middle of the night at the Waterkloof Air Force Base in Pretoria:


Dressed in smart black pants and a close-fitting black and red patterned top, Obama quickly shook hands with officials…


we do funny things with our mouthsLike mother, like daughter

Malia Ann clearly has a sharp fashion sense too - she stepped off the plane a little after 9pm in skinny jeans, pumps and a lovely blazer, before she and Sasha were adorned in throws emblazoned with the South African flag to help stave off the cold.

flagsThe ultimate illustration of the difference between cool jeans and “granny/mom jeans”

Because who would know that June is the beginning of winter in the southern hemisphere? Surely not anyone in the Big White Trip and Party Planning Department; they’ve got bigger fish to fry.

Obama is scheduled to meet President Jacob Zuma's wife Nompumelelo Ntuli-Zuma in Pretoria today, before she heads for Johannesburg to visit the Nelson Mandela Foundation, where she will be shown around by Graca Machel, wife of Nelson Mandela.

Nompumelelo Ntuli-Zuma (I believe she was named after the fruit, citrus maximus) is one of President Zuma’s three sister-wives. I don’t know if they rotate FLOSA duties or not, butt either way she’s First Sister Lady this week. Nom’s reign as First Lady hasn’t been without controversy, butt she seems to have weathered the storm. President Zuma has had his own controversies, butt so far he’s beaten the rap for rape, racketeering and fraud. Clearly this guy knows what time it is.

Screenshot Studio capture #092Zuma and his three current wives (there have been 5 in all); that’s Nom, far left, dressed for success.

PIT341_G20-_0925_11And here are Zuma and Nom with the Wons at the 2009 G-20 .

Wow! three sister wives? I don’t think Lady M would approve, and there’s no way my battery pack would be able to withstand it.

Next, we went to meet with Graca Machel, third wife of former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela – although his wives were all one at a time.

x610Practicing our ingratiating ethnic restaurant bow

Graca is the widow of Mozambique Marxist President Samora Machel making her the only woman we know (so far) to have been First Lady of two different Marxist countries! I hope Lady M doesn’t get any ideas.

Meanwhile, back state-side, I understand Big Guy, just wrapped up Fund Raisers #29 and 30. It’s not easy raising a billion dollars you know, and he’s made it clear that he will not rest until he’s done. As opposed to that slacker George W. Bush who, at this point in his presidency, had only held 3 fundraisers.

And speaking of Big Guy, big Afghanistan read tomorrow night: it’s unclear at this point just how quickly we’ll declare defeat and withdraw completely, butt I’ll let you know as soon as Lady M decides.

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