Thursday, June 23, 2011

Homeless, Homeless, WTF on a Midnight Lake

* News Flash * and remember: you heard it here first: Last Night Big Guy announced his plans for our victorious withdrawal from Afghanistan just in time to usher in the new show: Obama 2012.

So you can check the “Anti-war contingency” off our pandering list too. This ought to pull them back into our really big tent. WTF!

Continuing our WTF tradition of providing reading music, correctly themed to reflect our extraordinary tour of Africa, won’t you please enjoy Paul Simon & Ladysmith Black Mambazo with a ceremonial performance of “Homeless”:

Meanwhile, back on the Big Continent of our ancestral home: We were all smiles yesterday.




carrots the size of sweet potatoescat in the hathector pieterson memklm2

Butt today we visited the infamous “District Six” in Capetown, described  thusly in the press pack:

“Founded in 1867 as a mixed community of freed slaves, merchants, and immigrants, the apartheid government in 1965 declared it "white" and forcibly removed 60,000 residents and bulldozed their homes.”

And as you can see, the whole group was looking reflexively somber;

appropriately somber in Capetowndistrict SixDistrict Six2

Oh, and remember that tuxedo vest top that everyone loved from the other day?

It was from the ASOS Africa collection that is "our dedicated ethical collection, now in its third season and produced in Kenya by 25 local craftspeople to help empower the community, so it feels very appropriate to have the First Lady wearing it whilst doing valuable humanitarian work in South Africa."

dougie daze

"As a British fashion brand, with global online reach, we are thrilled at ASOS to have Michelle Obama - someone who continues to be a great ambassador for fashion - flying our flag abroad,"


Yeah. Who wouldn’t be?