Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Big Love in Park City and Aspen

Two  states, two meals, one recycled speech, $500,000+ for Big Guy’s coffers. All in a day’s work for Lady M.

The first stop was in Park City, Utah at the gracious seasonal home of Obama bundlers Mark and and sister-wife, Nancy Gilbert in the exclusive gated community of the Colony at White Pines. In case you’re interested, there are still a few choice ski in-ski out homes on the market that you might want to look at.

colony white canyon rd

Due to the photo embargo, I can’t release any live shots of Lady M, butt I can report that she wore her sleeveless pink, knee-length dress to both events – although I realize that doesn’t narrow it down much. All I can tell you is it wasn’t any of these:

Screenshot Studio capture #168

which leaves us, unfortunately, with this:

Wisconsin Senate

I’m just kidding! We raised over half a mil! That deserved a new pink frock, don’t you think?

pink bandage dress2

As I mentioned, I’m not allowed to release any  shots of Lady M in her new dress because rich people don’t like to be photographed, butt trust me, that pink dress was smokin’ hot, and we rocked the Rockies!

We couldn’t spend much time in Park City because we were 2 hours late, arriving for breakfast around lunch time. Butt no worries! We were in a laid back mountain town where everyone operates on their own clock anyway. And the soufflés were still delicious, just not quite as poufy as planned.

Then it was on to Aspen; home of Colorado seasonal home bundlers Jim and Paula Crown from the Chicago Crown dynasty. Surprisingly, seats at the luncheon ran $1000 for the cheap seats to $10,000 per couple for an upgraded lunch and photo op. Really good value compared to the $38,000 they were getting for the top priced seats for breakfast in Park City! That can  mean only one thing: the Wons intend to hit the Aspen crowd up again later in the election cycle.

That should likewise give you a little hint as to where Lady M plans to spend next winter’s ski vacation with the “girls.” .

I would tell you about the speech Lady M delivered for the $1000 – $38,000 crowds, butt  it was the same in both places and you’ve already heard it. At least a dozen times: First we cover the “how will ‘the President thing’ effect ME?” And then we move into the many amazing accomplishments of the Won and I: “Let’s hear it for Buh-rock for turning an economy that was on the brink of collapse to an economy that is starting to grow again (I always get a little chuckle watching the fat cats that Big Guy is trying to tax into oblivion nodding their heads in agreement at that one), cutting taxes for middle-class families,  extending a child-care tax credit, signing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and passing health care reform and repealed ‘Don’t ask,don’t tell’ [ed. technically he punted that to the Supreme Court, butt it was on his watch. Unlike the economic meltdown that occurred on Bush’s watch]. Oh yes, and did I mention that Buh-rock killed Osama?”

Then Lady M wrapped up both of her pep rallies with our signature “Are you in? Are you ready for this. Because I am in this. I am in this. I want you all fired up!”

I do have one exclusive photo, if you don’t tell anyone where you got it. It’s one of the embargoed shots from Park City, where Lady M made an unannounced appearance on the set of Big Love:

Sister wife MO copyLady M with the Sister Wives

All I can say is that Big Guy should be getting down on his knees every night and Thanking God for “his smokin’ hot wife.”

And then he should thank Him for the fact that there are not 6 more of her.

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