Friday, July 29, 2011

When Hairy Met Krishna

It looks like Lady M won this week’s “who can drag in the most loot from fat cats with private jets” contest. Big Guy was forced to cancel his fundraisers due to the pressing need to appear as if he’s concerned about the well being of the country, on the TeeVee. Ditto the whole “economy” thing. So he sent Joey B to one of the fat cat events in his place. Talk about the old bait and switch routine.


He tried to send Lady M, butt since she had already dragged in over  a cool half-mil while backing traffic up all across the Rockies, she refused to do any more sacrificin’ for her country this week.

moaspenMo’s entourage: leaving Aspen

That, along with Lady M’s gloating about the amount of her one day rock star take really got under Big Guy’s skin, because he’s competitive that way. So what does he do? He retaliates of course: (he learned that in community organizing school). So, acting stupidly, Big Guy just sort of lets it slip out that  he heard MO had been featured in this week’s edition of E-online. Well…

 Bitch Stole my Look!

MO-gaylebitchstole_lc_072611Orca’s BFF, Gayle King, decided to dress like the awnings and lawn furniture too: no winners here



Hee, you’ve got to hand to Big Guy! He really knows how to throw people off their game, bringing them around to his reality. Let’s just say that even with Lady M’s $500,000+  week, Big Guy still won this round.That’s why he’s the President!

Anyway, with BO pretty much shut out of the debt ceiling debate, that left Hilz to take it to the streets. So she went on record, telling House Republicans to give up their push on a bill that would slash payments to the United Nations and limit aid to Egypt, Pakistan and the Palestinian Authority, among other groups. Because we sure wouldn’t want to do that. Not when we can just borrow some more money to give to all of those terrorist states so they can continue their humanitarian efforts.

Speaking of Hil, she’s been touring the Far East all week with stops in Indonesia, Bali, Hong Kong and India, where she met with Foreign Minister S.M. Krishna. The trip was designed to build good will. I don’t know about the good will, butt she did build a pretty good case for a hair cut. No, not  the foreign aid package, I mean real hair. Specifically, Hil’s.

With thin, lanky hair like Hil’s, the sub-tropic heat of the monsoon season is not your friend:

hil bali3hil bindihil hairhil South Korea's Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan

Sincere apologies to Hilz fans, butt you have to admit she’s wandered into unchartered waters here. Even when it’s good, it’s awful:

hil lookin good

She’s forgotten every trick I ever taught her. *sigh* I would like to help, butt let’s face it, I’ve already got my hands full. So if anyone knows of a good hairstylist in the D.C. area, please let Hilz know. Your country thanks you in advance. That’s my public service announcement for the week.

indian foreigh minister S.K.Krishna Hairy and KrishnaWhen Hairy met Krishna

Hold on! Big Guy’s at the Bully pulpit again! Oh, oh! The market’s tanking as he speaks…got to go. Need to contact my hedge fund manager. Second PSA of the week: move any savings you may have left in to gold.*

*Remember: past performance is no guarantee of future results.