Thursday, September 22, 2011

Peace is Hard, Butt We’ll Always Have Dancing.

Another day, another speech, another photo op (see yesterday’s post for coverage on that) for posterity.

Lady M was there with the other spouses to enjoy the days events. Here’s a little current events quiz for you: how many  (uncovered) knees do you see in the UN delegate’s spouse section?

mo un or here

I said knees.

how many uncovered knees to we see here

Seriously, is Lady M amazing or what? Can you even believe that’s the same woman from the DNC soiree the night before? Tuesday night she was all, like, swooshed back updo; flirty, sexy, kitten-y even. Yesterday at the UN: all professional long, sleek tresses with bangs and business-like suit - except maybe the skirt could have been just a bit longer.

mo DNC fundraiser Gotham hall ny 9-20 jpg

Kitten MO, left, Lioness MO right

I guess longer hair is de rigueur for the women of Washington this year. Although they don’t all wear it equally well, IMHO. So far I’d give the advantage to the women of the R-words camp.

Butt I report, you decide:                 


Hill (D)

                         Sarah new hampshireSarah new hampshire2

                       Sarah (R)                      

                           michelle bachmann so carolina forum2michelle bachmann so carolina forum

The other Michelle (R)


Little Debbie (D)

Anyway, Big Guy’s  “Give peace a chance” speech at the UN yesterday, deemed “eloquent” by CNN, was not considered one of his best by others. In fact I’ve heard the term “stinker” used – and that was around the Big White. Some even suggested he might want to fire his staff of speech writers.

Oh dear! That’s not really going to be an option, as this is the one big speech Big Guy wrote himself. Which explains why Nile Gardiner across the pond thought it sounded “more like a professorial address by a university lecturer than a speech by the leader of the free world.” And that was the nicest thing he said. He went on to say it sounded like “several speeches cobbled together in haphazard fashion.” (Where’s Bill Ayers when you need him?) that was “hopelessly naive in parts.”

Wow! This Nile guy was brutal. He even pointed out that there was not one single applause line in the entire, interminably long, speech and that “a deathly, sceptical [ed. that’s British for “skeptical”] silence greeted the most powerful figure on earth.” And that was just Lady M’s reaction.

Butt don’t worry, the Wons have a lot of time to campaign before 2012 rolls around and they weren’t about to let a few bad reviews spoil their special NY date night. They put in an appearance at Bill Clinton’s annual “Global Initiative” – what ever that is –

bill& bo

then grabbed a quiet little dinner before flying back to Washington. Since Lady M was auditioning some new hair/nail and makeup people while we were in Gotham City, she arrived home sporting yet another new look. I call it her “young and swingy” side:

bo mo coming home3

Big skirt, tiny cardi (don’t forget to hold hands! Only 14 more months till elections.)

And  I guess that both of the Wons really enjoyed those square dance patters we practiced on 9/11 because I think I spotted some new crinolines as they were deplaning! On Lady M, I mean.

bo mo coming home crinolines showing

“Comb your hair & button your shoe,
promenade home like you always do.”

Ah yes, peace may be hard butt we’ll always have dancing! 

Butt that’s another whole post.

bo wee are still the won

Leading from behind: it may look like you’re dancing.

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