Sunday, September 18, 2011

Michelle Obama: All Dada All the Time

Wow! Just wow!

Lady M is featured this week in not one, butt two magazines!

First, on the cover of UPSCALE (isn’t that the understatement of the week?)

mo upscale

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Who is that gorgeous creature?! I know you’re just pulling my leg. It really IS Lady M! After one of her famous “splurge, purge and emerge” sessions. She looks marvelous, doesn’t she? We could all learn something about resiliency from her.

I got this pre-issue cover shot off Hip-Hop Wired, which features, opposite Lady M’s cover shot, a fun little article called “Bangin’ candy.” I’m not sure what it’s about, butt I don’t think it’s related to Lady M.

Butt the best article - by far - is in Lake Michigan Shore magazine, a Chicago centric magazine that’s been following Lady M since she was just another well-paid ex-lawyer in the Windy City. It’s written by none other than the woman who put the “O” in Mrs. O. Here’s a little of what she had to say:

So it wasn't surprising that the day after Barack Obama's South Carolina primary win, I received a call from (snip) The question from Politico: could Michelle be the next embodiment of Jacqueline Kennedy's famously chic style? I said I thought it was a distinct possibility.

And thus began the cause célèbre, ensconcing Lady M as the next Jackie: 

jackie mo2


mo and jackie

Not that we didn’t have our work cut out for us:

mo wwjw

Family vacay at the Big Hole. Let’s see, what would Jackie wear?

Any hoo, now you know who to blame thank. The Queen-maker continues:

That night at the convention was a turning point in Michelle's style, the culmination of a number of small changes she had made, shrugging off her high-powered professional clothes for a more personal style. Gone were the jackets that could come across as formal and armored, and the matching suits that seemed too corporate and rigid. Every woman has a dress that makes her feel pretty; now we saw this candidate's wife wearing something similar to what we ourselves might wear—no matter who we were.


mo pinto2

Right, an ill-fitted over-priced dress by a soon-to-be bankrupt designer


As a contributing editor to, the website that chronicles "the fashion of Mrs. O, what and whom she's wearing," I frequently found myself writing about the telling details of Michelle's clothes and accessories: the black patent leather purse with turnlock closures;

mo black purse

White House was quick to report this was NOT the $6k alligator VHB bag, butt the reasonably priced black patent model at a mere $895.

the Dada-based philosophy of Tom Binns' complex jewelry;

A brief note on Dadaism: "1. Dada is international in perspective and seeks to bridge differences, 2. Dada is antagonistic toward established society in the modern avant-garde, Bohemian tradition of the épater-le-bourgeios posture, and 3. Dada is a new tendency in art that seeks to change conventional attitudes and practices in aesthetics, society, and morality."

           untitled     mo tom binns necklace


The hallmarks of her style quickly became codified: the statement jewelry, particularly brooches (even three at one time) and multi-strand necklaces;


“Dada is a new tendency in art”

kitten heels or flats;

kitten heels

“Dada is antagonistic toward established society”

cardigan sweaters instead of jackets;


“Dada is international in perspective”

wide belts pulled up to her rib cage;


“Dada…seeks to bridge differences”

sometimes tights, but never pantyhose;


“Dada is…art that seeks to change conventional attitudes and practices in aesthetics”

and unexpected touches like bold floral prints,

                 Obama Awards Medal Honor Posthumously Soldier 3lg50_KAlYZlObama Awards Medal Honor Posthumously Soldier XYBKEuQ0oChl

 Even bolder from the rear view

unusual color combinations,


or vintage jewelry.

mo vintage jewels

Mo with vintage jewels. I’m not talking about the Liberal Lyin’

Also, there was her love of mixing expensive designer items with inexpensive finds, like pairing snakeskin Jimmy Choo pumps with J. Crew separates.


jcrew and jimmychoos

In the fashion industry, that's known as "high-low style."


            jimmy choosgardening choosmichelle-obama-walmart-speech

That’s what we call it too…for lack of a better term

Now you know: a style icon is made, not born. Butt then, you already new that about Lady M. So now you know exactly HOW a style icon is made. Please use this knowledge carefully. Millions of lives may be at stake.

Lady M wants you to eat right, get enough exercise and Dada all the time.



“I wonder if my butt’s ever going to look like that?”

Once again, all I can say is “thank you, Jacques Derrida.”

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