Saturday, September 24, 2011

Race to the Top: I Thought We Were Supposed To Be Post-Racial?

I think Big Guy just checked another item off his to do list: seizure of the  government/education propaganda machine, aka Race to the Top. And guess what? Because Congress has been dragging their feet on it for months, he decided to do it himself! Without their help. Because who needs legislators when you are the Won and only?

So, there you have it: a brand new No Child’s Fat Behind program! What? Oh, never mind. I got that mixed up with Lady M’s seizure of the government/union nutrition and childcare program.

Big Guy’s is a redo of the No Child Left Behind – I always did get those two confused. Here’s what he announced at the Big White yesterday:

“Congress hasn’t been able to do it, so I will. Mr. Obama said in a speech at the White House. Starting today, we’ll be giving states more flexibility to meet high standards.”

Two points:

First, some of the R-words are complaining that Big Guy overstepped his bounds by essentially dictating new terms for the states to follow in order to get their federal funding without benefit of the duly elected officials whose job it is to legislate such terms and conditions. Butt that’s just silly. Big Guy’s authority knows no bounds. A little something he learned from other world dictators leaders of HOPE and CHANGE.

              hugo fidel  mahmoud_ahmadinejad

Secondly, “flexible” and “standards” are generally not words used together in the same sentence by sticklers who think standards should be…well, standards. How inflexible of them.

Any way Big Guy is just issuing waivers to states that agree to follow his brand new set of rules and standards for the education of the mushy young brains of America’s future.

hitler earthI understand the states will have to mandate uniforms in order to get their waivers too

Big Guy and  Arne just made up the new rules and standards themselves, since that’s usually what bogs down the people’s duly elected representatives to Congress.

In announcing his new education reform plan, Big Guy told a group of educators gathered at the Big White that “If something isn’t working, and it’s clear it isn’t, you’ve got to do something different.”

bo not the glee clubBo, announcing his waivers. Unclear who all these people are, butt clearly it’s not the Glee Club.

I think I agree with that. So I wonder when we can expect to see waivers granted to all the states to opt out of Obama care? Because it doesn’t sound like Obamacare is shaping up to work out. And when we might see waivers granted to oil and gas companies, to let them start drilling again?. Because our Energy Policy sure isn’t working.  And I’ll check Big Guy’s schedule to see when he’ll be announcing his change of heart on passing that Jobs Bill, right away.

And when he’s done with that maybe he should call Ben Bernanke



and tell him to scuttle the next planned “quantitative easing” and stop the printing presses.

Of course he can do all that after we put a new budget together that curtails all that deficit spending that doesn’t seem to be working out very well either.

Seriously; I think Big Guy’s finally on to something here.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Thank you to everybody who signed my petition at “We The People” petitioning Big Guy to resign right away. As of now, we still need 4,965 more signatures by 10-23 to get an official White House response, and 115 more to get my petition listed in official “We The People” search results. All this has to be done before Plouffe Daddy breaks through my new petition firewall. I have tweeted Rush Limbaugh seeking his help in gathering signatures. If you can think of anyone or any site that can help, please give them the direct link to my petition:

We the people petition Barack Obama to resign the office of President of the United States effective immediately.

We can CHANGE America Back!

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