Monday, October 17, 2011

I’m Keeping My Eye on You, Brother

stone of hope“I’m keeping my eye on you, Barack”

The Martin Luther King memorial (made in China) was officially dedicated yesterday. For the occasion Lady M wore her stunning Alaia red low-rider lamp shade frock and Big Guy donned his best ‘down with my peeps’ Black preacher cadence. Or as Harry Reid might put it, his “Negro dialect” that he doesn’t use “unless he want(s) to”

mo pleats

And if you don’t want to “have a Negro dialect”  at the dedication of Martin Luther King’s memorial, when would you, I ax? So there was Big Guy, playing to “his” peeps, just like he use to back in his community organizing days. Although you could arguably say we’re back in the community organizing business - big time - Big Guy is letting Van Jones and Sgt. Debbie Wasserman Schultz take the lead on this one. Butt he just couldn’t help himself from giving a little shout out to the 99%, just to show his solidarity with the teeming masses.

Big Guy thinks that Dr. Martin Luther King would be down with the 99% too, saying that the POWS’ campaign is just like the Civil Rights Movement. I’m not so sure: I’m just not feeling the moral equivalency between people who wanted to stop lynchings and allow Blacks to sit in the front of the bus with those who want their student loans forgiven.  Butt I suppose Big Guy would know better than me. He’s Black, you know.

For her part, Lady M showed solidarity with the peeps by her sartorial choice of a “low-rider” skirt:

CONTAINMENT STRUCTURE PREVENTS THE PUCKER copyButt notice how our containment systems prevented the dreaded low-rider“pucker”

So, anyway: can you believe it? Big Guy and Lady M have been here – in the Big White - for 1000 days already!

APTOPIX Obama InaugurationIt only seems like 999 days, butt I had that one day that Blogger was down

Where does the time go? It seems like only yesterday that we wore the white, full length version of yesterday’s red dress in Oslo.


Remember when Big Guy accepted his Nobel Peace Prize? Perhaps it’s bad manners to mention that in light of the fact that we’re still holding prisoners “illegally” in Guantanamo, still fighting Bush’s “illegal” wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and one that Big Guy started himself in Libya (although that one was guaranteed to be “weeks not months” when Big Guy announced it last – wow! MARCH! – where does the time go?) Now I hear that he sent troops to Uganda to fight Christians – no wait, that can’t be right, can it?  And I guess some people are still upset that BO has been issuing assassination orders left and right for moose-lims around the world, especially since some of them are American citizens. No wonder the Nobel Committee members had “previous engagements” when we invited them to lunch last week.

Butt back to the red frock, it may look familiar because it’s recycled. Remember: we are in a double dip recession and like everyone else, we’re tightening our belts. Besides, after our election cycle starvation diet we could slip into it again. We did get a new matching cardi and sparkly pin to go with. It really was too cool to wear it in it’s original sleeveless version yesterday anyway. You can tell because Aretha wore her leopard coat:

arethaThe only woman in America who refers to Lady M as “that skinny bitch” 

…and she thinks MO’s a copycat

bomo halloween4

Here’s Lady M’s dress, seen last year without the cardi, butt with the Wonderbra and “cleavage.” You can see why this wouldn’t have been appropriate at the MLK dedication ceremony:

alaia red mo un

Like I said, it was really too chilly for sleeveless. So this is much better.

mo keeping my eye on youWatch it Buh-rock. I’m keeping my eye on you too.


o jobs available for my major duh

This one doesn’t even require critical thinking. Homer Simpson could solve this dilemma. Things WILL change, darlin’, butt I don’t expect you’ll be at the head of the charge.

ED. NOTE FOR NEWCOMERS TO THE SITE: “butts” are but a conceit around here. You’ve been warned.