Saturday, October 22, 2011

Inside Lady M’s Closet: If it Zips, it Fits

Ok, Ok. I tried to ignore this since everyone under the sun, including people who don’t know fashion from fiduciary, have already covered it. Butt it’s a slow news day, so I’ll recap Lady M’s fashion tips which I know you’re all familiar with.

1. Mix it up.

Captain America tights, buckaroo bandito bandana, backwards forwards sweater/shirt and Prada shades. Crazy mixed up! Genius.

motennis2She’ll get it when she’s a little older

To be fashion forward you sometimes have to mix it up…backwards;

backwards sweater shirtbackwardsspacelaunchbackwards

…and reverse belted

shar pei brown paper coastreverse tiedrrt not offered at harvard law either

and sometimes mixing it up is simply an inspired, inexplicable blend of florals and graphics:


dem natl comm wmns leader forumtownhall mtg childhood obesity 4-7AP110413033439

Magical. You’ll get it when you’re older too.

2.Wear what you love. This is an easy one!

Too easy, really.

thisfitbetterlast weekheistohdear

mo to NYCtypenningtonmichelle-obama-skinny-jeans_thumbmichelleobama-bananarepublictotemarcmo-hawaii

I’m feelin’ the love. Butt it is fickle.

3. Be practical about what you wear. Mrs. O says she checks the weather and her schedule before deciding on an outfit. If she's playing in the grass with kids, she's probably not going to choose a skirt or a revealing top.

The operative word here is “probably”:

myrtilla miner kids


huggsnuclear waste gardendirt on leghot aprilnationalssoccer4


Bonus question: when IS it appropriate for a FLOTUS to wear revealing clothes?

BFdJwB3EcLdWugtlBgoEZFshawlpleasesilver streak

When you want to look “hawt,” of course

4. The perfect shirt is critical. Make sure you can move and feel good in one investment blouse.

          1,2,3,ruffles and bowsfan beltx

I’m presuming that this is the “Won” Lady M is talking about, as it “fits” perfectly. It is not exactly optimal for the “Let’s Be Moving” part however, as the “fit” parts seem to get in the way of the “move.” Here are a few of Lady M’s other investment shirts that might be a better bet for that.

    orange sorbetproportionsmo big bo

Investment shirts should also be appropriate to the occasion and perfectly proportioned.

And of course, there’s this one that is both a perfect fit and perfect for MOving in, so maybe this is the one Lady M was referring to:

                  OBAMA/mo car grand canyonmo grand canyon-2

5. Don’t obsess about your clothes, be practical about them, and make the people around you your focus.

Because Lady M is all about making the people around her the focus. And she consistently chooses clothes that communicate that fact:

           hot messmamarun across america


      hula3dancin'vee vant to pump you up

This is so-oooo not about me!


I would like to thank our sponsors: Goldman Sachs, the POWS, the DNC, and Capital One  - all of whom have made it possible for the Visigoths to occupy the Big White,  plunder the Country and still manage to provide useful fashion advice to the little people.


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