Monday, November 28, 2011

A Critic’s Critique of Transformative Change. WTF. I’ve Got Tingles


bo shadow2Casting a long shadow in the setting sun

As Frank J. Fleming explains in his E-book “The Greatest President in the History of Everything”  our failure to see Big Guy’s awesomeness has nothing to do with his, ahem, Emperor’s robes and everything to do with our unworthiness:

Obama is operating on a whole other level here where we can’t even follow his logic, and that can be scary at times. It’s like if some sort of primitive person — a West Virginian, perhaps — saw a surgeon doing an operation. He’d think the surgeon was harming the sleeping man by cutting in to him, when in fact the surgeon was helping that man. And that’s who Obama is — a smiling man with a knife that we’re a little bit scared of. But don’t worry; he knows what he’s doing.

Obama in Charge

shoots o…he shoots!



he scores!

And now, from one of Politico’s (of the take-down-conservative-candidates-through-unfounded-claims school) Journolists we have an insightful thought piece: “Obama’s Toughest Critic: Obama” that begins with the standard fairy tale opening:

President Barack Obama has plenty of critics — Republicans, liberals, the media — but the person hardest on the president, his administration and the Democratic Party is, at times, Barack Obama.

I think the operative term there is “at times.” At other times, he’s too busy blaming the real culprits to even entertain the thought of his culpability.

The audacity of “Nope” - not my fault. Next.

And as is often the case, Big Guy points out that the fault lies not with his message, butt with his team’s lack of effectiveness in packaging the message for sale:

“The area in my presidency where I think my management and understanding of the presidency evolved most, and where I think we made the most mistakes, was less on the policy front and more on the communications front.”

Obama-teleprompter-001Because if we package it right, we can sell anything. That’s already been established 

Big Guy acknowledges that he’s only accomplished 60% of what he set out to do – which is unfortunate because he planned on getting everything rammed through in 4 years so he could retire and be just like the Big Dawg: giving lucrative speeches and playing golf. Butt since the R-words have stood in his way, he’s now going to have to hang around for another term in order to complete his fundamental transformation of America.

Pop Quiz: who said My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you’ll join with me as we try to change it.” a) John McCain b) Barack Obama c) Mark Steyn

“So we know change is possible. It’s hard and it’s messy, and sometimes it’s frustrating, but we know it’s possible,” he said. “But here’s the thing. There are a lot of people who are still hurting and there’s still a lot more work to do. And so that other 40 percent that is not done, I’m going to need you because I need five more years. I need five more years to get it done.”

bo lightbringerBecause being the Lightbringer isn’t as easy as it looks

I wonder if this is the kind of transformation Big Guy had in mind:

Because if it is, he might still be able to wrap this thing up in 4 years if he’s lucky. And we have already established that he’s lucky.

And just for the record, now that I’ve finished reading the Politico article, I’m not convinced that Big Guy is his own biggest critic. I think for now Tingles has the inside edge on that claim.

Butt I think Big Guy can put the tingles back in his pants.

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