Thursday, December 1, 2011

Winter Holiday Season Three: Pay-To-Play

Lady M was very busy yesterday: first she shined her light on the Building a Healthier Future summit by delivering the keynote address:

Building a Healthier Future summit mo

Building a Healthier Future - “Fostering a dialogue that explores new strategies, rethinks current programs, and pushes innovation to a transformative level seeking to improve children’s health.” Translation: we need more money for our SEIU school breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner programs.

Then it was back to the People’s House where MO hosted a sneak preview of our Holiday decorations for members of military Blue Star and Gold Star families. This year’s decorations include a 400-pound gingerbread, marzipan and white (!) chocolate White House,

400-pounds of gingerbread, white chocolate and marzipanThis confection has round the clock Secret Service protection till after the holidays: we don’t want to “lose” the portico to holiday nibblers, if you catch my drift.

the official Big White Christmas Holiday Tree in the Blue Room:

sgs tree2011 theme: “Shine, Give, Share” – we actually pay people to come up with this stuff!

Like the rest of the Big White the tree’s decorated – cynically, some would charge - with tributes to our military heroes (Lady M’s personal favorite campaign theme).


Also prominently featured in this year’s decorating scheme is Little Bo, hands down the Wons’ most lovable family member. Some critics charge that this theme is a bit cynical as well – relying on a cute little dog to curry favor with the public. Butt I don’t know: his favorability polls are higher than Lady M and Big Guy’s combined. I don’t think we’ve gone overboard.

buttons on Bocookiesfake bofelt bo

Then we did our annual holiday photos: here’s one with both a cute likeness of Little Bo and a cute kid:

mo ewww

I’m not sure what’s causing Lady M to wrinkle her nose here, butt I’ll hazard a guess that the military Mom on her left reminded her a little too much of Sarah Palin. Butt that’s just a guess.

Then Lady M decorated cookies with the kids, like she did last year, only this year no pictures were allowed of Lady M biting the heads off the gingerbread men. That didn’t test well.

cookies moLook at all the wonderful props helping us Shine, Give and Share

The whole event was great and provided dozens of good photo ops - except for this one with the kids who donned the toques and ended up looking more like miniature KKK members than chefs. We won’t do that again.

mo kkkI know it’s hard to tell with all the life-like Little Bo’s scattered around, butt that’s the real Little Bo’s butt, right under Lady M’s.

Any hoo, while Lady M was spreading the holiday cheer around here, Big Guy was in New York collecting bags full of holiday cheer. Much to the Donald’s chagrin, he arrived on the same day as the lighting of the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center.  And while the tree lighting drew a crowd of thousands, the modern-day Robber Barons (crony capitalists of New York) were busy elsewhere, meeting with Big Guy to throw some gold in the 2012 Salvation’s army kettle.

A brief, very private, home reception went for $30k per Baron/Baroness. Dinner for 454 marks hauled in $35k per head, and a more proletarian event at the Sheraton was a downright bargain-buster at just $1K each. Ho, Ho Ho!

The Zuccotti Park occupiers are really tilting at the wrong windmill.

OWIES, barking up the wrong tree.

Of course, first you need to understand how capitalism works before you can appreciated how crony capitalism negates it. Maybe they’ll get to all that next semester. After they’ve studied economics. And fascism. Because it’s hard to see how they interact until you at least know a little bit about the two of them.

Obama didn’t invent “Pay-to-Play” politics, butt he sure did put a high priced shine on it.


"One of the common failings among honorable people is a failure to appreciate how thoroughly dishonorable some other people can be, and how dangerous it is to trust them." Thomas Sowell

floating O head

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