Sunday, November 27, 2011

Post Turkey Day Weiners

Wrapping up an all around fun Turkey Day weekend, Big Guy got off a round of golf with Reggie on Friday. Then he shot a few hoops Saturday morning with the boys (Reggie’s not going to be around forever you know). That makes for a lot of stinky laundry to be dragging around.

bo's stinky shoesAnd those are some pretty big shoes to fill

And speaking of big shoes, Lady M’s aren’t going to be so easy to fill either.

full lookBlack stretchies (not jeggins) and standard issue Converse’s, undisclosed size

Here’s something that has me stymied though:  Everyone always reports Big Guy’s height at 6’1” and Lady M’s at 5’11” and yet when they stand side by side they look about the same. Unless Lady M is wearing heels, in which case she sometimes looks taller.

soko strap mosd13redqueen

So either Big Guy is shrinking,

clouds and bo

bos bccd

or Lady M is growing (and we don’t want to go there, after all that painful liposuction).

Anyway, in another Thanksgiving holiday tradition, Lady M, Big Guy, the Wee Wons and Granny R all went to watch brother Craig’s world famous basketball team, the Oregon Beavers, beat the Towson Tigers yesterday. You could tell it was a special event because Lady M let Big Guy eat a whole hot dog in peace.

bo stuffs itbo doggyhot dog bo

And good to know: in addition to the military, Lady M hearts the Oregon Beavers too.

mo stuffis it

We had a few tense minutes during the game,

bo zen2

Like when Big Guy got news via his BlackBarry that the last air strike he ordered on Pakistan didn’t work out so well, butt the Beavers managed to squeak out a victory, 66-46.

Not sure what happened on the way home though: we all seemed to be looking like the Grinch when we landed back at the Big White.

         I heart grimaceswhats this mobo

Maybe they just found out that Little Bo ate all the left over turkey, and that all six of the varieties of Thanksgiving Day pies were gone too. Some times your luck just runs out, and there’s nothing left to be thankful for.

mobo lookoni up“…you've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?”

We all know how it goes: some days just suck, no matter how good they start out.

Totally off topic, butt I thought you might be interested. Especially if you’re still wondering if any of the Presidential contenders are serial sexual predators. This doesn’t prove anything of course, butt it may raise your awareness of the lengths that some people will go to in order to take out their political opposition. Again, I have no way of determining the veracity of this report (nor, apparently, does Gloria Allred for her allegations – as we haven’t heard a peep out of her for weeks. I guess her work is done.) butt here’s a fascinating summary of L'affaire Dominique Strauss-Kahn that you might enjoy reading. As you may recall, he was head of the IMF and the leading right-of-center contender to take out President Sarkozy until he was arrested and accused of a “vicious sexual attack” by a woman who later was exposed as a liar and a serial, uh, “date” for visiting gentlemen of means at the Sofitel. It’s the stuff of political thrillers: potentially hacked Blackberries, mysteriously disabled and missing Blackberries, mysterious comings and goings of the alleged victim in both DSK’s room and the adjacent room occupied by an “unidentified” person. Hmmmmm.

Who knew – powerful political enemies may find ways to take you out! And even in the high tech age of espionage, the quickest and most effective take down artistry still involves allegations of sexual impropriety. So watch out! Things could  get interesting around here.



Gratuitous Post Thanksgiving Weiner shot