Friday, December 2, 2011

Gilding the Lily Since 2008

Last night was the national Christmas (!)Tree Lighting ceremony right here in Washington Dee See. Lady M was accompanied by Granny R, the Wee Wons and her frog-prince. No, I mean Kermie.

lady m and the frogLady M with one of her frogs

First lady Michelle Obama made witty banter with a felt-covered amphibian.

“Call me Michelle,” the first lady said after Kermit the Frog called her “First Lady.”

“That’s very nice of you,” Kermit responded. “I have to call Miss Piggy ‘Your Majesty.’ ”

Hee. I’m glad we cleared that Miss Piggy thing up a while back.

This year’s tree is very pretty, even though we didn’t get to use any colored lights. Butt it is brand new.

DC tree

Sadly, the old one couldn’t withstand the winds of change. That’s right; a big wind knocked it over last February. It was subsequently replaced with one a bit smaller in stature from Pennsylvania – which could be a good omen for Rick Santorum.

Since there were no colored lights on our tree this year, Lady M wore her Joseph coat with a colorful scarf and holiday brooch – or perhaps that’s why we didn’t have any colored lights this year.



I think the overall multi-colored tweedy look with the orange batik print scarf and bejeweled flower burst pin created quite a festive look. In a Kwanza sort of way. There was one small disappointment: Even though we charged the batteries all last week with our Solyndra solar panels, they didn’t hold enough charge to light all those tiny LED twinkle lights embedded in Lady M’s festive tweed coat. So just use your imagination; it was stunning for about 2 minutes.


And here’s Big Guy’s annual photo with Santa,


or – as BO likes to joke every year - “the only man in the world who gives away more free stuff than I do.”

Now on to more important matters. I’m aware of the discussion yesterday regarding the potential ‘shopping of Lady M’s, uh, derriere at the Big White cookie fest on Wednesday. As you are well aware, I can neither confirm nor deny these rumors.

mo kkk The original photo that sparked the ‘shopped rumor

All I can do is provide a couple additional shots. I reflect, you decide:

white-house-holiday-preview-1Additional boo-tay shot from the cookie fest

obama-christmas-1…and from the tree lighting ceremony

Perhaps now would be a good time to review some of the finer points of photoshopping. To wit, with the right algorithm you can do – or undo - anything. I leave it to you to determine  whether the new fake “reality”  adds any value or provides any utility to the human condition.

uglytopretty2A new way to strive for perfection

All I can say for sure is that it is very postmodern, in that it can be used to deconstruct and reassemble an image into whatever reality you wish to create. And really, what can’t be improved on? We have voted en masse for the gilded lily.


Oh sure, photo manipulation obscures reality, encouraging our superficial preference for appealing images over objective truth. Wring your hands if you will, butt isn’t that really what HOPE and CHANGE was all about?


HOPE and CHANGE: Gilding the lily since 2008.



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