Saturday, November 5, 2011

Miss Piggy In Prabal Rains On Our Parade. Drip, Drip, Drip!

OMG!  I was just winding down after another week of sacrificing for the country (seriously, I don’t mind) when I ran across this:

Prabal Gurung on Photography, How to Wear Purple and Dressing Miss Piggy

My heart nearly stopped and I dropped my martinae. How had this one slipped past the Big White Official “Review” and Embargo Squad? What sort of retribution would be extracted? My first thought was to hide Little Bo in my bunker.

Imagine my relief when I clicked on the link and found out that Prabal was actually talking about another Miss Piggy - THE Miss Piggy!

MISS PIGGY IN STYLEThe original Miss Piggy dressed head to hoof in Prabal Gurung

It turns out it’s really just a fund-raising effort by the Council of Fashion Designers of America to raise money for another worthy non-profit organization: the New York Times.

Butt seriously, talk about cheesing in on Lady M’s notoriety! Not only did Miss Piggy’s handlers manage to get Prabal, one of Lady M’s favorite designers to outfit her: 

MO wears Prabal in red, yellow and frou-frou:



mo big bo

- butt they also got Miss Piggy lined up with a big spread in the November INSTYLE MAGAZINE, complete with a write-up that sounds suspiciously like Lady M’s own 5 Style Tips that I reported on just a week ago in “If it Zips it Fits.” See if you don’t agree that this is a direct rip off of MO’s stylin’ tips:


1. Style is about impressing your inner self, capturing your personal ethos, and, most importantly, spending someone else’s money. (check)

2. Being stylish means constantly maintaining your image, updating your look, and destroying old photos that show you with big hair and wearing spandex. (we’ve tried, butt that Google cache sometimes trips us up on the hair thing. Regarding the spandex: as long as it’s worn UNDERNEATH, no one around here is going to complain)

3. Always, always dress for yourself. Other wise it gets way too crowded in the dressing room. (sounds suspiciously similar to “wear what you love” to me)

4. Clothes are like friends: They should always complement your appearance. (and as long as they are both bigger than you they will)


5. Beauty is all about loving who your are. And if you have problems with that, may I suggest that you try loving who I am?  (we definitely love who we are, and expect you to as well)

Screenshot Studio capture #316  Click to view the love, Miss Piggy style

I would just note that this isn’t the first time Miss Piggy has cheesed in on Lady M’s personal sense of style either. She also started wearing Jason Wu after Lady M made him a household name:



Butt enough about Lady M: I know you’ll be happy to hear that Big Guy arrived back in Washington late last night after his dazzling performance – as usual - at the G-20. The weather didn’t cooperate, butt you just can’t extinguish that magic smile:

smilin' in the rainThe rain in Cannes falls mainly on the pain.

photo h/t Gerard: check his out

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