Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oakland Owies: Just Like the Tea Party?

Since Big Guy’s in Cannes with the boy:

bo timmy cannes“This noose is getting uncomfortably tight, Big Guy.”  “Better you than me, Timmy.”

today’s report is going to focus on the OWIES in Oakland. 

These OWIES are unionized, and they are now on general strike, operating with Mayor Quan’s support and endorsement. She gave all city workers (with the exception of the police and fire fighters, thank goodness!) the day off to participate in the strike which shut down the Port of Oakland. Nice touch.

When things started going south into riot-zone territory, Mayor Jean Quan seemed to be having second thoughts and tried to reign her peeps in with urgent tweets: “Call my office! Right NOW!”



That “right away!” tactic hasn’t worked for Big Guy, and apparently it didn’t work for the Oakland brain trust either. In short order, the Oakland “Teem-ster” led “protest” went all “Tea Party” on her: (photos courtesy VerumSerum)

cank of americaTake that, evil ATM! That’s what you get for taking our jobs, jobs, jobs!

killcops-500x333Exactly who are their teachers holding up as heroes these days? Eminem?

dontfwithoakland-500x333A candid photo of a future OWIE. Do you suppose this father-of-the-year is a teacher?


burnthiscity-500x749Uh, I don’t think that’s what Yeats had in mind. BTW, is that wee won aboard an $800 Bugaboo stroller? Another future OWIE.

ADDITION Occupy Wall Street OaklandOakland OWIES dressed in black and breaking windows: just like the London anarchists! How cool is that?

whole foods vandalismOh Noes! Graffiti defacing Whole Foods! This can’t be happening! Where am I going to get my organic wheat grass?

Meanwhile back at the New York birth place of the American OWIES, JWF has revealed some very disturbing facts about the POWS. Among them: the group is not only raising funds, butt using a big time Wall Street bank (recently purchased by 2 big time capitalist pigs) and using a revolutionary Marxist front (Alliance for Global Justice: non-profit of course) to manage their on line donations.

It’s hard to know what to make of all this, butt at least I think it puts me into a position to offer some fairly solid advice to this conflicted young OWIE:

college or fire depart

I’m going to say “Fire Department”.


Yep. Definitely, fire department.

6282686361_9cdb0b8c5aphotos: Golden Gate Express


PS: I thought you’d like to see Lady M at the Youth in the Arts award ceremonies. Thank goodness not all of the kids are OWIES.

mo honoring the arts

mo arts and humanities

Whoops! Someone forgot to finish painting the bottom half of the skirt. Or maybe it’s just an uncompleted photoshoppe.

H/T Doug Ross

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