Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Houston, We Have a Problem. Rush to Help!

mo keeping my eye on youWell this news certainly came out of nowhere! What a bombshell! I absolutely cannot believe it!

No, not the Kim Kardashian - Chris Humphries divorce announcement. As if that was unpredictable.

And no, not the recanting of last week’s Global Warming study that pronounced that debate was over - again. As if that wasn’t predictable. 

Not even the story about Herman Cain being accused of sexual harassment back in the nineties; even Clarence Thomas saw that one coming.

No, what I’m talking about is Joseph Curl’s hit piece on Lady M accusing her of being a mean angry woman. Wow! I wonder where THAT came from?

mo and carla evil eyeOh yeah, maybe here.

Just as her husband’s re-election strategy is inanely simplistic - blame the Republicans for thwarting his brilliant, economy-saving policies - so too is the first lady’s. She will go to the opulent homes of rich people across the country to tell them how rich people are to blame for America’s woes and guilt them into giving millions for her husband’s campaign.

Naturally, that got picked up by and elaborated on by none other than El Rushbo (I sure hope this doesn’t crash his server!). Normally Rush doesn’t dip his toe into my reflecting pool, butt this time it sounds like he might have taken things personally:

mo sneers

“I'm tired of being blamed, flat-out tired of having the finger pointed at me and you and everybody else who's working or trying to work or trying to get a job.  Instead, what do we do?  We're supposed to have sympathy and compassion for a bunch of whining losers!  We're supposed to feel sorry for a bunch of people who are where they are because they have chosen it.  And, as I say, their number one choice has been to vote Democrat.  You get what you pay for.”

Sure: blame the Democrats! As if they’re the ones who pushed the deficit through the roof;  the ones who are blocking drilling for domestic oil and gas, destroying jobs through oppressive regulation, trying to raise job-killing business taxes…uh, well, OK, it was. Butt that doesn’t mean they’re clueless!

bo clueless2

Even if everyone, including the WaPo, is beginning to wonder if they have a plan:

“I fear President Obama doesn’t have an economic plan at all, and that everything Republicans have said about the White House being filled with people who have never signed the front of a paycheck and don’t have a clue is completely accurate. (snip)

At this point, the Obama campaign must believe you can beat something with nothing, and the campaign is in charge.”

It’s not as if we aren’t working on our plan. Did you not get Plouffee’s email last week? Now that the team’s lack of focus seems to be effecting not only Big Guy’s popularity, butt also his secret weapon - Lady M herself – I’m sure we’ll be all over it.

I know, I know - I couldn’t believe Lady M’s poll numbers are starting to slip a bit either. We’re not panicking though, because we’re still way ahead of Big Guy. Still, we dropped 3 points since May - in a Marist poll!? We own those guys!

According to the Marist Poll released Monday, 63 percent of Americans hold a favorable view of Michelle Obama while 21 percent hold an unfavorable view of her. That’s a slight dip from six months ago when Marist last surveyed voters’ opinions of the first lady. In May, Marist found that 66 percent of voters hold a favorable view of Obama.

Don’t worry. Plouffee has a plan for this too: he’s calling it the “Occupy the White House” movement. Catchy. I’ve been assigned to work up some “Be part of the 63%”  posters.

I’ll have a chance to work on that a bit later since our day has been cut short by this dispatch from Houston: “We’ve got a problem. Mission scrubbed.”

occupy houston

No, nothing to do with the Occupy Houston crowd. Although we seem to have a problem with them too:

houston we have a prob

Our immediate problem with that leg of Lady M’s DNC campaign trip seems to have been truncated by a truculent teachers union. Wouldn’t you think they could’ve waited until after the bag lady made the pick up before protesting the inequities of the 1%? These people really need to get with the program.

“I’m with you guys, butt first I have to rake in another $200 million to make this quarter’s juice.”

So today we’ll just be hitting up the 1% of New Orleans (actually, 50% of New Orleans’ 99% moved to Houston after Katrina - there must be some kind of irony in there somewhere). Oh, and of course MO will be hosting a Let’s Move event at the Royal Castle Child Development Center since that’s why she just happened to be here in the Southern half of the fund raising belt in the first place: official No Child’s Fat Behinds business.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll have a few pics to post from the public event (Fat Kids’ Behinds) for you tomorrow. As always, the fund raisers are embargoed to protect the guilty.

occupy nolaAt least the NOLA crowd seems to be getting down with our program. Ain’t dat right, bro?

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