Friday, November 4, 2011

The Sugar-High is Gone, and Were Running out of Gravy

Big Guy is hanging out at the G-20, looking all contemplative:

nose knowsThat’s not the finger he usually uses when contemplating Republicans

First he sounded like a Dutch uncle, giving the Euros some tips on how to get their financial deficit under control – which Jimmy Fallon likened to JLo getting marital advice from Kim Kardashian.

Then he switched back to his role of pretending that he can still afford to be the Candy Man in order to soak up the one thing he hasn’t gotten much of back in Washington lately - a little bit of love:

huggs for islamist turkish prezIslamist Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan gets a man-hug

When he gets back to D.C. late tomorrow we’ll all just be hunkering down for awhile. Things are getting a little too warm around the Hill these days, if you catch my drift. Starting with the revelation that 1% of the Solyndra dudes got bonus payouts as the other 99% of us just got burned by the solar flare-out. Ditto on the bonuses paid to the 1% “fat as fat cat Wall Street bankers come” at Fannie and Freddie.

And then there’s that pesky subpoena that threatens to reveal other criminal evidence embarrassing details related to the Solyndra “exactly what the Recovery Act is all about” energy loan. Taken together, this is putting a lot of people around here off their good moods. And don’t even get me started on that Fast and Furious thing. Even though we finally found a fall guy in Lanny Breuer, the R-words are still clamoring for Ricky’s hide.


And now we’ve got to deal with this guy - who is this Victor Hansen Davis anyway? – criticizing Big Guy’s ladies who are out working hard on the campaign trail, working for the cause:

bo mo 2012

Recently both First Lady Michelle Obama and Labor Secretary Hilda Solis went to the key swing state of Florida to blast the president’s adversaries. For the first lady, Obama’s opponents were concerned only with “the few at the top” and care little for racial, gender, or class justice. For Solis, the sexually derogatory term “tea-bagger” summed up the wave of 2010 that for a while stopped Obama’s attempts to borrow more money in order to stimulate the moribund economy. Apparently Harry Truman’s unforeseen win in 1948 against a “do-nothing Congress” is the new model.

First of all, it’s not as if Lady M said that R-words would curb freedom of speech and religion and leave women to die on the floor – that last part can be attributed directly to the freshly re-groomed Fancy Nancy, not Lady M.

nancy p3

Sure, I know she still doesn’t look like a 21 year old, butt that last round of interventions has left her looking years younger than her friend Rosa DeLauro who’s actually 3 years younger!

nancy and rosaRosa, looking up to her senior Congresswoman idol

You have to admit, Nan doesn’t look bad for a perpetually surprised 71 year old bag lady.

nancy p

Although I understand that she’s having a little trouble with her memory:

Nancy explains that the big ol’ bag of money from the VISA IPO was not enough to sway her vote.

Steve Kroft: Why had she and her husband participated in March 2008 in “a very large” initial public offering “from Visa at a time when there was major legislation affecting credit card companies making its way through the House?”

Nancy P: “First of all, what you’re contending is not true,”  “Second of all, we are very proud of our record of what happened.”

Butt back to Lady M. She sounds a little worried that her ride on the gravy train job of sacrificing for America may be coming to an end:

“This is going to require each of you to grab somebody by the shoulders and make them understand what’s at stake; how their self-interest is directly tied … It’s up to each of you to work like you’ve never worked before…”


moGrab it while you can




mo bo sorryThe realization of what’s at stake hits home


mo tom binns necklaceSelf-interest makes your life meaningful


hulamoWorkin’ it at the US Wide-Open – and hopin’ to keep it that way

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