Wednesday, November 2, 2011

“Sometimes you just have to eat your peas.”


Royal Castle Child Development Center moLady M, greeting kids with her signature 10-digit royal wave

You may have heard that Lady M was at the Royal Castle yesterday. Let me be Baccarat crystal clear on this: the press reports were NOT referring to the Big White. The “Royal Castle” is a school in New Orleans “that focuses on preschoolers from families with moderate and low incomes.” It was yesterday’s target for Lady M’s No Child’s Fat Behind empathy tour. The charming batik print top MO chose for the visit was last seen at a school in South Africa in June:

high10Double high fives in South Africa in an African themed batik

At the Royal School Lady M danced , jumped and marched with kids as their teachers and families stood around watching the spectacle.

royal castle NOLA

Which is pretty much what happened when she wore it in SA, only in different slacks, and with a soccer ball to kick around:


Let’s Move! kids - that’s one of my trademarks!

With the physical exercise was completed, Lady M began the mind-shaping portion of the program and read the children a story about why they should eat their peas.

Wait a minute; isn’t that the same story Big Guy told us last July?

walk awayBig Guy leaving his “eat their peas” press conference last July

Remember? At his “Give Peas a Chance” presser on the debt ceiling and the deficit? In between the “let me be crystal clear”s, the “millionaires and billionaires” and the “private jets” we got down to Big Guy’s deficit reduction plan: pulling off the Band-Aid and eating your peas.

Do any of you still doubt how efficient our government is? Here we have an excellent example of how consistent, co-ordinated and targeted a government-educational complex propaganda message can be. Note how it works, hand in glove; glove in your pocket. You won’t find anything this seamless outside of…well, the Soviet Union is gone so maybe ours is the premier pogrom system now.

Now, in order for you to do a little forward planning for the month: it’s official. Lady M will be accompanying Big Guy to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit which he is hosting in Hawaii on November 12.

While President Obama hosts a global economic summit for the first time this month, the first lady will take spouses of the world’s leaders to the  valley where ABC-TV’s “Lost” and the classic ”Jurassic Park” were filmed.

The last time “Lost” went head-to-head with the Won, they won and the Won lost. And given what’s transpired over the year and a half following that matchup, I’m not sure I’d introduce them into the mix again, in any guise.

I just don’t see how either the meme or the optics are going to work to our advantage:



Lost Trillions, Los Lobos, Lost Decade…

biggest loserLost-est

(Lead candidate so far: U.S. economy)

Just in case you weren’t a fan, you may be interested to note that this season is the show’s finale.


lost final season2011: the Finale

As I said, I don’t really think this is a meme we want to pick up on.

So go ahead: eat your peas.

Just remember: they’re a lot better, and a lot better for you when served with a nice big steak and baked potato.


peas out! copy

Peas Out!