Thursday, January 19, 2012

From “We Can’t Wait” to WTF: who needs Jobs anyway?

Before getting to MORE Lady M news, I should address Big Guy’s decision to reject the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline as there’s been quite a fuss about it, and I just don’t think we’re getting our message out on why he rejected it.

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He didn’t want to kill a project that may, by some estimates, create 200,000 trickle down jobs, butt the Republicans made him do it. With their ridiculous demand that he make a decision in just 60 days, he really had no choice. Making big, important decisions like that “right now!” is just irresponsible – only a fool would demand that kind of turnaround on such an important decision.

“The rushed and arbitrary deadline insisted on by Congressional Republicans prevented a full assessment of the pipeline’s impact, especially the health and safety of the American people, as well as our environment,”

After all, there are significant implications connected with the approval of such a huge pipeline project (i.e. thousands of jobs, jobs jobs!, increased oil supply by hundreds of thousands of barrels/day, reduced oil dependency on the Middle East). And we all know that the rule of unintended consequences is far more likely to result in bad outcomes if you force someone to make a premature decision on a significant issue. Take Obamacare for example; why, we’re still finding out what all  is in there!

Plus, if we’d spent a little more time analyzing the 5-minute Solyndra Solution to the energy problem, maybe we wouldn’t how ended up with all that egg on our face.

Yep, everything looks good to me, boys! Let’s build ‘em.

So, forcing BO to respond in such a tight timeframe - when his schedule is already crammed full of campaign events - was not just irresponsible, it was inconsiderate as well. It looked like nothing more than payback on the part of the petulant R-words. Just because Big Guy gave the do-nothing Congress less time to deal with his unwritten Jobs Bill ( “Pass this Bill right now!”) was no excuse for them to try to force his hand on this critical decision.

Besides, Big Guy is the PRESIDENT for crying out loud. And they’re just the do-nothing Congress we’re running against. We really had to show them who’s in charge.

So if you think Big Guy was just pandering to his Green Coalition you are mistaken. His peevishness goes well beyond that.


Now, on to the big news of the day: another cover to add to Lady M’s collection!


Yes! That really is Lady M! In MORE: the magazine FOR WOMEN OF STYLE AND SUBSTANCE.

Note this month’s other cover articles, all of which included input from MO as well:

Your best haircut ever:

mogrinch all wrapped up

Rule One: Let it go natural

 Redefining “beautiful:”


And become a Fashion Icon at the same time!

 Belly fat buster plan:


Hint: includes industrial schtrength containment systems

Reinvent your life:

Alice Deal Middle School for a Let's Move fitness eventmichelle-obama-sweet-potato-e1309008104694

You too can be a Hip Hop queen. Or an urban gardener.

Declutter Your Finances:

Michelle_Obama_SPAIN_02_Villa_Padierna_in_MarbellaDefray costs by combining work with pleasure: Villa Padierna, Marbella

 Step away from the Sweats:

     Michelle_southLawn31milk run

Because fashion designers make exercise togs too!

It’s an all-Lady-M-all-the-time issue. Enjoy!

“What dreams are left for the woman who grew up working class in Chicago, graduated from Princeton and Harvard law and became the first African-American first lady of the United States?”

I can only imagine.

mo whoWho IS that gurl?


Mary Tyler “Moore, Moore Moore”

or just That Girl?

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