Friday, January 13, 2012

Our Run-Away Election Campaign

Our first round of designer Runway To Win Obama-gear has hit the streets! And just look at the time, creativity and effort that has been poured into these products by our big name designers!


Tracy Reese, Narciso Rodriguez


          Rachael Roy, Diane von Furstenberg


           Rufus Wainwright, Beyonce (with an assist from Tina Knowles)

And then there’s this lovely scarf (only $95), designed by Lady M fave, Thakoon Panichgul:


Although there has been some concern and discussion over whether the pattern is actually the abstract depiction of a cotton boll:

         cotton_boll3 Screenshot Studio capture #389

Exhibits A and B in the case of WTF v. Thakoon

…in which case of, course, it would have to be deemed racist and pulled from the shelves. We’re having Ricky Holder’s Justice Department look into it, butt early indications are that  Thakoon will be cleared of all charges by noon today as long as he agrees not to carry  a "deadly weapon" near a polling place until 2012.”  Oh, and they want him to drop the “koon” part of his first name.

In other campaign news, Big Guy held a campaign event forum for “Insourcing American Jobs” in the East Room on Wednesday.  Unfortunately, many of the invited attendees seemed to have been unexpectedly busy and unavailable at the last minute. There were actually more members of the press than business leaders.

wh-no-show-joeyb insourcedThe cheese sits alone

The Unnamed-leading-GOP-candidate-bashing part just broke out spontaneously, right after Big Guy’s plea to the business leaders who did bother to show up to bring the jobs home, NOW!.

Butt if I can get back to mixing fashion with campaigning for just a moment: Big Guy is not the only one running a fashion boutique to raise campaign dollars. That edgy Rick Santorum has his own gig going too: for a $100 donation you can own one of those timeless sweater-vests made popular once again by Rick. Multiple colors available.

Rick%20Santorum%20sweater%20vest%20thumbs%20up-cropped-proto-custom_28h/t weaselzippers

I’m not sure where the proceeds from Rick’s sweater vest proceeds will go, butt as we discussed yesterday the proceeds from Lady M’s fashion glam-o-rama is designated for the  Obama Victory Fund. Some on staff are worried that may be a moot point if there’s any accuracy to a disturbing story currently circulating from U.S. News about what Americans fear the most (hint: Americans 2-1 Fear Obama’s Reelection).

Butt don’t worry, Lady M will be hitting the campaign trail soon. And she has her way of persuading people to do what she wants:

ive seen this skirt before

Additionally, we’re having Ricky look into the legality of, ah, detaining certain people (just through the election).  These are people - bloggers primarily - who appear to be disturbing our peace by refusing to be persuaded enough.

So now you see why it’s necessary to make sure that Ricky keeps his job as Attorney General at least through next November.

He’s one half of our super-secret weapons team to Win The Future, through any means necessary. Ricky will be heading up our redistricting efforts across the country.


And Lady M will be in charge of injecting race into every other attack on Big Guy.

mo mean[7]

With a team like this, I don’t think we have anything to fear. In fact, the only thing we have to fear is the veneer itself.

Obama_Shit-eating_grin30Obama: WTF since 2008

Standby: Big Guy’s giving another non-campaign speech in the East Room as I speak!

So far: We’ve done a lot, butt we’ve got to do more. And I need to have more authority to do more – if the Congress of No will just give it to me. Butt don’t worry: I won’t use this authority. Unless I have to.

More tomorrow.

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