Thursday, January 12, 2012

Run-a-way Win: It’s all Legal

You probably don’t remember Anna Wintour’s proposed solution to concerns about the sustainability of the American fashion industry way back in 2009. She was concerned that  steep retail markdowns (sales, for those of you in fly-over) were resulting in huge decreases in profits. So she proposed this solution:

"Could someone lead a committee that would make ground rules for retailers when the discounting starts, and then all the retailers can agree to it?" When CFDA President Diane von Furstenberg pointed out, "That's illegal," Wintour said: "Is that something we can change? We have friends in the White House now."

ANNAWCrony-capitalist wannabe, Anna Wintour, arrives at the Big White for dinner with her best friends

Who knew “collusion” was illegal (well, besides smarty pants Diane von Furstenberg)?  After all, how can you expect a fashionista like Anna to know anything about the law? Same goes for Lady M.

ht_micheleobama_081001_ssvMichelle LaVaughn Robinson: Harvard Law, 1988

Well, okay then: no coordinated sales. Butt our BFFs in fashion have banded together (legally, this time, I think) to create an entire new line of fashion-forward apparel to be offered exclusively on our Victory 2012 reelection site.  We proudly announce another historic first!


Never before in the history of the Republic have so many of the deluded come together to support so much fantasy with so little talent.

And speaking of talent, the designers contributing in-kind to this inspired campaign include  MO faves Marc Jacobs, Narciso Rodriguez, Jason Wu, Alexander Wang, Rachel Roy, Tory Burch, Joseph Altuzarra, Rag & Bone, Tracy Reese and Diane von Furstenberg along with a whole bunch of wannabes from Project Runway.  

winnersgall-christiansiriano-550x400-4Project Runway winner Christian Siriano displays a shoe he designed specially for MO

Here’s how it works:

The clothing industry's top 22 designers favored by the nation's first lady of fashion, Michelle Obama, are coming together to help the Obama-Biden campaign raise money and put a unique look on the 2012 effort.

The fashion blueprint was announced on the campaign's blog:

We're launching something new, and a little different, over the next few weeks: Runway to Win, a collaboration by some of the country's top fashion designers in support of Obama 2012. In the coming weeks, we'll be rolling out Obama-inspired designs by everyone from Tracy Reese to Jason Wu to Tory Burch at The details are still under wraps, but sign up for your First Access pass to get updates—and a first look at the new designs. Then invite your friends and family to do the same.

Is this inspired or what? Oh,and did I mention that proceeds go to the Obama Victory Fund? In case you’re wondering, that’s our inaugural party fund. I don’t know what we’ll do with the dough if, well…you know.

Campaigns have typically offered hats and T-shirts for sale, but normally they are blandly decorated with simple campaign logos. The Obama campaign, for example, already sells clothes, like a $55 hoodie and new "State of the Union Watch Party Packs" for $25 that include yard signs and buttons. The Runway to Win plan takes that whole idea to a new, Fifth Avenue level and is aimed at creating a special fashion cachet for the campaign.

I know this campaign sounds similar to the 2008 fashion-designer effort to support Big Guy: “Runway To Change”. Butt it’s totally different – hence the new name: “Runway To Win”. As some cheeky wag at Huffpo pointed out: “the tweak of one word, we think, speaks volumes as to the difference between this Obama campaign and last.” We think so too.

Anyway, I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to restock my little store with some new fashion forward campaign swag myself. So Little Mo, Little Bo, Raj and I were up all night restocking our shelves with brand new gear for the Wons reelection campaign too.

Sorry, my gear is mostly “blandly decorated with simple campaign logos.” I know it’s not in the same league as the designer stuff that will be available on Big Guy’s site, butt just as all proceeds from his Runway to Win sales will go to the Obama Victory Fund, all proceeds from sales on my site will go to a good cause too. I can’t say exactly where until after the GOP Bowl game is over.

See what you think:


Homage to Walter Mondale’s Wipeout: prelude to Jimmy Carter’s malaise

k copy



b-1Confession: This design is recycled from 2008.

Even though I couldn’t afford to get any designs from the big names in fashion, I did manage to get some big names to model my gear. If you see any of them though, you might not want to mention it since I did promise them anonymity. And okay, they may have been under the influence of prescription drugs when they agreed to pose.


                deja vu desi copyno boobs oprah copy


mo no bo 2a-crop copy

Super-secret gear-site here.


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