Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Join the MOTUS Truth Team: Expose the Lies

By now I’m sure you know that our WTF-2012 Campaign is in high gear. We were reminded at the staff meeting this morning that all senior Team-Obama staff are expected to get some skin in the game. Since I never got that raise Big Guy promised and I sure don’t know enough people with enough money to be a bundler, I had to find another way to get into the game.

So in order to show my team spirit I’ve decided to support Plouffe-Daddy’s newest initiative, the “Truth Team” by forming my own Truth Team Unit, right here on my blog.

MOTUS Truth Team 3D-500

You’re familiar with Plouffe-Daddy’s Truth Team initiative, aren’t you? No? What?  You didn’t get the memo? You may be the only one:


Friend --
If we've learned anything from the Republican primaries, it's that this is no ordinary election.
The GOP candidates are spending a huge amount of time attacking President Obama -- no surprise. But instead of basing their attacks on our differences of opinion, they've chosen to run on claims about his record that just aren't true.
Mitt Romney says that, despite 23 consecutive months of job growth under the President's watch, he's made the recession "worse." Rick Santorum says that the Affordable Care Act, which was based in part on Republican proposals and provides millions of Americans with access to affordable, private health insurance, is a government takeover of health care. They're not acting alone: With the newfound power of outside groups, these lies can be instantly amplified with millions of dollars in special-interest ad spending.
If the other guys are going to run a campaign based on misrepresenting the President's record -- and their own -- we have two options: sit back and let these lies go unchallenged, or fight back with the truth.
We're fighting back. Today we're introducing a new resource for grassroots supporters who want to make sure that when voters go to the polls in November, they know the truth -- and you should be a part of it.
Will you sign up to be a member of the Truth Team?
The website has three sections to reflect the team's goals: KeepingHisWord, where we'll communicate about President Obama's record and promises kept; AttackWatch, to fight back against false attacks on the President; and KeepingGOPHonest, where we'll debunk the Republicans' false claims about their own records.
In short, it's the grassroots communications team of the Obama 2012 campaign. We'll provide resources for you to learn everything you need to know and tools to help you share it with undecided voters in your life.
Communicating about the President's record -- and that of our opponents -- is what I do full-time. But people don't just want to hear from campaign statements or ads -- they want to hear from the family and friends they trust.
The President needs folks on board to roll up their sleeves, stand with him, and get the truth out all over the country.
So the next time you hear Mitt Romney accusing the President of "crony capitalism" or someone asking, "What has President Obama really accomplished?" you'll know what to do.
If you're ready to fight lies with the truth, sign up now:
Stephanie Cutter
Deputy Campaign Manager
Obama for America

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Not satisfied with controlling just the Legacy Media, we needed more ammo to use against Fox and all those radio talk show hosts who lie. So we added Media Matters to our list of truthers too.

So here’s my idea: no one can spot the lies out there better than my loyal MOLs, MODs, MYLs, MYDs and FOMs. So I’m setting up my own TRUTH Team! Where you can report exclusively, to dispel all the lies and damn lies.

tt page

Starting today, I am dedicating a special area of my blog to my very own Truth Team and encouraging everybody to volunteer as a MOTUS Truth Team Storm Trooper. Details of how to volunteer and become an official MOTUS Truth Team Storm Trooper are here on the SignUp Page.

If you remember my previous initiatives, “Stop The Smear,” “Fight The Smear” and the always popular, “AttackWatch,” you will remember that we have a simple goal: if you See Something, Say Something. (SS, get it?)



Plouffe-Daddy is reprising AttackWatch for our Truth Team initiative and adding “KeepingGOPHonest” and “KeepingHisWord” for a perfect trifecta.


AttackWatch: I think everybody knows what we’re looking for in this category by now, butt we’ve added a new feature “Attack Files,” or “A-Files,” where you can get the “facts” you need to fight back against all the attacks on Big Guy.

                                                                      attack files

KeepingGOPHonest: This is the category where we will be lying to you about exposing the Republican’s racist positions and plans for making the rich richer and the poor poorer.


KeepingHisWord: This is where we’ll be fabricating praising Big Guy’s record to prove he has kept all his promises from last time around, and therefore deserves 4 more years to undo the damage caused by George W. Bush.


With a little help from our friends, we will make sure that voters see nothing butt the truth.


Doug Ross provides a little demonstration of how this campaign all comes together if we’re up and running on all pistons:

It’s the headline that a President facing re-election with a dismal economic record didn’t want to see:
1.2 million people driven out of the workforce in a single month!

A frantic White House exploded into damage-control mode, as a deeply shaken President Obama retreated into his chambers. Nervous spokesmen fanned across the airwaves to stammer apologies, search for silver linings among the storm clouds, offer campaign boilerplate about “hope and change,” and desperately search for some way to blame George Bush for an absolute unemployment disaster that occurred over three years after he left office…

What’s that, you say? You didn’t see that headline? Well, of course not, silly. All you’re seeing in the headlines is good news, because the official, heavily-massaged U-3 unemployment rate fell to 8.3 percent. Fewer people in the workforce means the percentage of unemployed people in the workforce drops.

h/t “Lies, Damn Lies and Obama’s Unemployment Numbers”

Much more later: we’ve sure got our work cut out for us with all these lies to deal with:


Butt don’t worry: the Truth is out there:


And we will get to it, one little white lie at a time.

Obamaletter lie%20(1)

“I won’t lie to you,” Obama penned in hand to Charles Oliver in October. “It will probably take another year or two to fully dig our way out of this hole.”

Note to self: remind Big Guy that rule number one when you find yourself in a deep hole is to stop digging:

budget on drugs

All in all, I’m feeling pretty good about WTF now.

Evidence to the contrary not withstanding, Conservatives keep insisting that they’re much smarter than Liberals. Butt if that’s the case, explain to me why it is that Big Guy’s team came up with this Truther site designed to network it’s way to WTF 2012, and all the Republicans come come up with is this!?!!?


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