Saturday, February 18, 2012

Getting our fair share while the getting is good

I knew it! I just knew it!

Lady M tried to blow me off on Thursday when I asked her about out next vacation. Butt I knew it! After a big week of sacrificin’ I knew we had earned another little vacay. I just didn’t know where.  Butt here it is: Ski Aspen baby!  

bildeAir Force Won Too arrives under cover of night at Aspen/Pitkin County

As I first predicted last July in this MOTUS exclusive:

Then it was on to Aspen; home of Colorado seasonal home bundlers Jim and Paula Crown from the Chicago Crown dynasty. Surprisingly, seats at the luncheon ran $1000 for the cheap seats to $10,000 per couple for an upgraded lunch and photo op. Really good value compared to the $38,000 they were getting for the top priced seats for breakfast in Park City! That can  mean only one thing: the Wons intend to hit the Aspen crowd up again later in the election cycle.

That should likewise give you a little hint as to where Lady M plans to spend next winter’s ski vacation with the “girls.”

Casa-Nova-Deer-Valley-a_bigThis is not where Lady M is staying: it was too small

We snuck out yesterday under cover provided by a “Moroccan militant” pretending to be on a suicide mission to blow up the government in the Capital building. This all played out at the Capital while the Congressman and Senators were inside committing the same mission, minus the “pretending” part.

Butt anyway, last year it was Vail, which was nice;

mo andsasha gondola

…butt this year we moved up to Aspen and will be staying with our fabulously wealthy one percenter friends from Chicago, Jim and Paula Crown, owners of the Aspen Skiing Co. We’ll be occupying their huge, fabulously well appointed home on the Tiehack mountain at Buttermilk.

d9aj7khrw6cz4z2dtfr009a5y2i6This is not where Lady M is staying either: also too small for the entire entourage

I’m sure you remember our visit here last summer when we stopped by to show off our fabulously toned arms and to pick up a few bucks for our WTF campaign:

bildeLady M’s entourage: Leaving Aspen last July

Once again, we expect to be fielding isolated complaints, mostly from right-wing bloggers, trying to use Big Guy’s own words from one of his pressers last year to criticize Lady M’s well-earned ski get-away: Butt when BO said "If you’re a family trying to cut back, you might skip going out to dinner,

bomo valentines

you might put off a vacation."


As I pointed out at the time, the operative word there was “if.” And with only 9 months of this gig left as a rock solid guarantee, there is no way we’re trying to cut back!

So here’s how you progress if you aspire to be one of the 1%:

02-13-2010-ski-liberty2010, Ski Liberty in Carroll Valley, Pennsylvania.

Q8iaNtiw3fbLvnKiOUV8j02011, Vail, Colorado

ski-aspen-trip-detail-img6-e13034185262202012, Ski Aspen: home of the rich and famous

So first, Pennsylvania, next Vail and then on to Aspen. And I’m going on record right now predicting that next year, come rain or come shine, we’ll be skiing Park City, UT, and staying “at the gracious seasonal home of Obama bundlers Mark and and sister-wife, Nancy Gilbert in the exclusive gated community of the Colony at White Pines.”

Did I mention that Mitt Romney used to own a home there? So you know that is where the real 1 percenters vacation.

So, from the rarified air of Aspen Mountain, “where a few people do really really well and everyone else struggles to get by” this is MOTUS signing off with our signature 2012 WTF message: “everyone gets a fair shot, everyone pays their fair share, everyone plays by the same set of rules.” 

motus_snoboard-2_copy[3]Wheeeeeee! Pure. Adrenaline.

h/t Fausta