Monday, February 13, 2012

Random walk, random dance – can a random thought be far behind?

This is is your brain:

white_house_obama_2009fiscal mtgtopBig Guy, pondering deep thoughts at a 2009 Big White budget meeting

“I will cut the deficit in half.” 2009

This is your brain on drugs:

budgetNot worth the paper it’s printed on. Literally.

A $1.3 trillion budget deficit for fiscal 2012. Butt don’t worry: it’s more of a conversation piece than a real budget. We just need it for the talking points.

Hopefully this will take people’s attention away from Kathipotamus’ contraception mandate plan. Usually these planned diversions work like a charm, butt this time not even the Platypus Dance seems to have done the trick.

I mean seriously, what do we have to do to divert your eyes?

mo and Perry

We issued a compromise an accommodation that was good enough for Sister Carol "I Heart Obamacare" Keehan, so I don’t know what more the Bishops want. Sheese – how much of this random dancing do we have to do to get you people back on board?

Mo's platypus dance.

And it’s not like it should even be a controversy anymore. We’ve already enacted the regulations under discussion (with the full force of law). Now do you see what Nancy Pelosi meant by “ we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it."?

And as you’ll see here, we figured out years ago how to turn this “conscience thing” into an accounting trick, as Kathipotamus explains in 2009:

H/T Moonbattery

So why are you people being so stubborn in your opposition?

I guess we’re going to have to call in our LSM lapdogs again to get our new message of compromise out. We thought we had that all covered when George Stephanopoulos stumbled into the whole “contraception controversy” at the Republican debate long before anyone else even knew it was controversial.

If things don’t settle down soon, we may have to send Lady M out yet again to provide cover. Although nobody want’s to go to our secret weapon if we don’t have to, because as you all know, payback is hell.

mo shovel jelloAnd we are shovel ready.

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