Thursday, June 28, 2012

Please Stand By: UPDATED with Latest News

Let’s spend a moment contemplating Big Guy’s recent inspirational words as we stand by for the Supreme Court decision:

“I’m not a perfect and I’ll never be a perfect president,

obama-pledge1-360x238Uh, a little closer to the heart might work better Mr. President

but I told you that I’ll always tell you what I thought,

hey there bo totusAlthough actions speak louder than words

I’ll always tell you what I believe

barackbook Perhaps inadvertently

and most importantly I told you I’ll wake up every single day and fight as hard as I knew how -

bo b-ballamd_obama-golfOBAMA/

for you.”

SOUTH KOREA NUCLEAR SECURITY SUMMITOr for the New World Order. Or somebody.

"I have kept that promise...

bo we're all headed this wayThe giant sucking sound? Uh…it’s just…uh…America

I hope you still believe in me."

dream of dinner with boCuz I’m still committed to transforming America

Please Stand By while we await word on the future of America…

This Just In:

Obama - Biden

Friend --
We don't know what will happen this morning.
But no matter what, today is an important day to have Barack Obama's back.
If you're with him, donate now -- before this week's critical fundraising deadline:
More soon.
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