Monday, June 25, 2012

A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week; off to a bad start

So, I see “Obama’s Big Week” is starting off with a rehash of last week’s mis-misinformation on our Fast and Furious operation that had nothing to do with swaying people’s opinions on guns and the Second Amendment:

h/t Ulsterman

If my history pack is accurate, the original intent of the 2nd Amendment was to protect the people not so much from each other butt from a government run amok. I don’t think either Big Guy or Ricky have done much to disabuse anyone of the utility of this concept.


What would have been a front page story in any previous (R-word) administration for months, if not decades, is likely to fall to the back page this week with all the big Supreme Court news buzzing around. The newshounds will be busy trying to figure out how to put a positive (for Big Guy) spin on the decisions. They’re already hustling to say nice things about the Arab Spring-turned-nuclear-winter scenario playing out in Egypt: alahuluhoop akbar!

So - in anticipation of his upcoming Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad week, Big Guy unwound by golfing yesterday.

forewardIt’s the only way to go

Lady M spent the weekend at her “spa” getting in shape for next month’s Olympic marathon of touring, touting, whining and dining. Which is to say, she’s having a little “touch-up” work done. After all, she’ll be travelling with Brandi-whoops-I-just-ripped-off-my-soccer-jersey-to-flash-my-sports-bra-by-mistake-Chastain.

                       chastain 200px-Brandi_Chastain_1999

Brandi, above, at the World Cup, displaying irrational exuberance. Michelle Halpain, below exhibiting more of the same.

san fran's gay pride paradeh/t Doug Ross

Michelle (above, not Lady M) is a volunteer with President Barack Obama's re-election campaign. She was just taking a page from the Brandi Chastain little book of female role models yesterday as she demonstrated with fellow Democrats at San Francisco's 42nd annual gay pride parade sans shirt. Another historical moment in Big Guy’s post-partisan presidency.

Butt I have more serious issues related to Lady M’s No Child’s Fat Behind program to report on too. Since pancakes are essentially the whole idea behind IHOP, and it’s pretty hard to take the sugar and fat out of this breakfast stable, they had to come up with another innovative way to earn their Obamacare waiver.

As first reported by Anonymouse, IHOP’s deal with the devil required them to take up the slack from the schools for the summer. The propaganda normally served up by teachers in the classroom will be provided this summer through the IHOP’s summer re-education and correct- think program. It’s provided free of charge, with crayons, right on your child’s placemat.

iHOPE placemat copyArtist’s rendition of the summer of propaganda placemat

The placemats are filled with useful every day environmental brain washing “facts” as well as healthy eating tips accompanying Lady M’s MyPlate brand of food evangelism.

So the fight is on. It’s the Obama IHOP vs. the Romney-leaning Waffle House. This is going to very political and it could get ugly.  My undercover work has revealed that IHOP also discriminates against drag queens (bad for BO), has sued the International House of Prayer for copyright infringement (good for BO), and bans legally packed heat (definitely good for BO!). Butt still, we all know how Big Guy likes to eat his waffles.


As well as his fried chicken.

bo fried chix

So prepare yourself: It’s Battle Breakfast treats, and it’s going to be a real throw down.

Patriotic-Pancakes DSC_0927

Pretty, air-filled artificially colored pancakes vs. fresh fruit and real whipped cream waffle: the choice is yours America!

Sorry, I’ve got to run now, need to get to the bottom of the Supremes Arizona Immigration law. Unclear yet if I need to do any trans-imaging or not.

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