Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We break away from Constitutional hijinks for this fashion update

Wow! We had the A-Team out covering the waterfront yesterday: Big Guy hit Atlanta and  Miami, Lady M, Chicago, JoeyB, Waterloo (Iowa) and Dr. Jill  stayed right here in D.C. to cover home plate.

And since we’ve been so busy lately with all the heavy lifting associated with contempt charges, money problems, security leaks and uncooperative poll numbers, I just realized that I’ve been shirking my fashion reportage.

So I decided to take a break between illegal immigration and Obamacare to catch you up on Lady M’s latest fashion iconary (is that a word?)

I’d first like to point out that Lady M hasn’t worn a new frock in days! Take yesterday for example:

mo chicagomo gov quinn sign election yr pandering law

We first saw this domino dress way back in 2010 at an NAACP event in Florida where Lady M  delivered an outstanding keynote speech on kid’s fat behinds. Strangely, she looked a little woozy that time too:


I blame the frock; it looks a little too much like one of those modern art paintings that make your eyes cross.

vasarely noir mauve

Whew! Just looking at that Victor Vasarely makes my stomach queasy. So I think that totally explains this look on Lady M’s face yesterday:

mo smashed

And earlier this month Lady M was forced to recycle this little number:

mo's recycled spa robemo in white

h/t Vanderleun

Which, you may recall, I embarrassingly mistook for a spa-robe when she first wore it last summer. How was I to know it was not just any spa robe, it was a Narciso Rodriguez spa robe that cost $1295! So you see why my face was red.

ar01dlunch lady

Well, okay, we didn’t go strictly recycle. We did snag a couple of new frocks to wear to Chicago for the big wedding . You didn’t expect hand-me-downs for the wedding of fille Valjar did you? No, I didn’t think so.

     FLOTUS-Deplanemo valjar wedding

Note the black and white theme we’ve been building on lately: clever, no?

Oh, and I guess we did have a couple of other new things to showcase:

    mo book signingmo in aqua embroiderymomo at pie cafemo belts and sherri shepherd at the viewmo laura ashleymo bo shimon Peres medal of freedomnewseum new food ad standards mo

And that was just June – so far!

Butt to be fair, we did wear recycled too, as is appropriate in a reelection year. For example, we chose the unveiling of the Bush portraits to demonstrate how tight the budget has gotten around here due to the bad economy (and I think we all know whose fault that is).

laura mo jason wu mo inaugural

We wore our lovely Prabal Gurung that debuted in February 2011 when MO, along with the frock’s creator, Jason Wu, donated our beautiful, historic inaugural gown to the Smithsonian.

It’s not that Lady M wants to serve as the national fashion icon that she is; it’s just another sacrifice she has to make. You see, we are really leaning on the fabulosity (and fortunes) of the fashion industry now days. Because we can no longer rely exclusively on Wall Street’s Vulture Capitalists which - while still cooperative - have been doing a little belt tightening while waiting for Big Guy’s robust economy to get off life support. For now anyway, we’re pretty much stuck with the celebrity glitterati in Hollywood, of course, and our new-found fashion house ATM to bankroll us.

And BTW, just disregard what you read from Little Miss know-it-all Elizabeth Cline - first class b-i-t-#-# and newest addition to our enemies list – about Lady M’s fashion choices; they are anything butt cheap! (h/t Conservative Mom) and remember: for Lady M this is just a job. And just like every other political whore working girl, she has to keep her clients happy if she wants to continue to rely on those monthly ATM withdrawals.

So, come on people, let’s pull together! Kick off your shoes and enjoy Big Guy’s rousing rendition of his cover of the Animals classic, “Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”, “Please Don’t Let Me Be Miss-overspent.”

Butt remember, new rules: no grunting shrieking or shouting. What next, no fainting?



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