Friday, March 5, 2010

Yes Ma’am

We’re laying low today. There are enough comings and goings from Big White as it is. We’re not officially making bribes deals for Healthcare votes anymore, but coincidents and accidents are still allowed.

We did have a small, unofficial, party last night to celebrate the passing of the Jobs Bill, or as we refer to it around here, the Unemployment Bill.

bo fried chixA chicken in every pot 

And there’s still plenty of idle speculation as to why Big Guy is seemingly willing to sacrifice his fellow Democrats re-elections to get his health bill passed. Among the leading theories:

  • Big Guy is a (fill-in-the-blank): Marxist/Socialist/ideologue
  • Big Guy’s smoking habit has him concerned about his own future health care
  • George Soros is calling in his chits. To complete the victory that he paid for fair and square, he needs the US to go totally bankrupt so he can continue his very profitable business in currency speculation.

But it’s really much simpler:

 because i saidso

“Because I said so.”

Yes, Ma’am.