Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lincoln Bedroom: “Buy It Now” Priced On Ebay

Well, it looks like the Lincoln bedroom is going back into the nightly pool.

lincoln-bedroomI know Lady M said we weren’t going to rent it out any more, but we’re all grownups here, and harsh economic times (thanks, George W. Bush) call for harsh measures.

So: Desiree is out and Julianna is in. We all adored Desiree, but here’s the deal - the Republicans aren’t going to let us mop the floor with them next time around. We have a tough election coming up and we need someone planning our parties who knows more than how to hype a designer. We need someone who can run the “people’s house” like a 24/7 cash register, like –can I say this? –like the Clinton’s did. We need the right kind of people coming through the turnstyle. Let’s face it, Big Guy has ticked off just about everyone with real money except George Soros, and he’s already told  us he’s moving on to buy the European elections and he can’t afford another round here. So we have to re-capitalize ourselves and that’s where Julianna comes in. With her fundraising background she’ll know how to effectively Ebay the Lincoln bedroom. And Desiree, well, with all due respect, she couldn’t even balance her checkbook.

But Julia: she’s all about the money –  who to get it from and how to get the maximum from them. So, no flashy social butterfly secretary from now on. And there is an added bonus: not only will Julia raise a ton of money for us to buy  spend on the next election by inviting only the right (filthy rich liberals) kind of people to the Big White parties, but she will definitely not step on Lady M’s sartorial tails in the process. She went to Smith for goodness sake. They still think pearls and a little black dress is appropriate for just about anything.

juliannasmoot2_000Julianna Smoot, fundraiser extraordinaire

I mean, look at her, she looks like she could work in the Office of the Inspector General.

I know it’s surprising that she’s neither an African American nor a Chicago crony. But when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

You go girl! Or what ever you white girls say.