Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ut Is Absolutely Has Futurus Said Tamen Forsitan Melior Nisi Agnosco

English Please:

When it absolutely has to be said, but perhaps better if not understood.

All my MOLs know regular contributor and previous “Golden FLOTUS” award winner, (yes another Golden FLOTUS will be awarded soon) Mrs. P. But did you know that she hosts her own blog: Patum Peperium which is also, and always, linked right down there on the right, under my fabulous, and important awards, and my BFF Dewey From Detroit link.

It’s a really fun blog with great pictures and even greater articles and stories. I go there every day. Ok M, get to the point.

Well the other day, Mrs. P gave us a story providing a defense for the continued use of Latin!!! No, really, Latin. You must read it yourself.

Anyway, Mrs. P sums it up by concluding that we need Latin:

When it absolutely has to be said, but perhaps better if not understood.

This is so what Team Obama has been waiting for.

When I told Toes about it, he let out a scream so high pitched that no one could doubt his ballet creds. He immediately ordered the staff to translate all our Marxist revolutionary historic plans (Health Care Takeover, Cap & Tax, Mandatory Union Membership, etc) into Latin. He had originally suggested Hebrew late last year, but Hillary absolutely, positively nixed that.

He even had Raj install all available Latin language packs on TOTUS’  and my hard drives, without  budget authorization! When Toxic Timmy asked him where the money was going to come form, Toes glared at him and said “out of your a#&, tax cheat.”

Axe-man told Gibbsy to tweet the supportive press corpse, advising that all future talking points press releases would be written in Latin.

So here I am, trying out my new Latin language packs. What do you think?

MOTUS latin copy

I’m a little worried about what Joey B and Gibbsy are going to get me into if they find out about that 3rd Latin pack.