Monday, March 1, 2010

Knee Deep In The Hoopla*

Normally I try to avoid this type of photo because there are a few things that I have trouble adjusting for properly due to a few tiny software bugs. Thigh high boots on Lady M is one of those things. But due to multiple requests from my faithful readers I’m putting these pictures up, against my better judgment.

These are shots from an earlier Big White event in January (that I think I handled quite responsibly), and the photos have been kept safely under wraps until Newsbird, that little bird dog, tracked them down.

So here. Don’t say I didn’t try to protect you.

mobootskittenheels mothighhiboots

I actually don’t remember now if these are the Jimmie’s or the special order Clergeries.


Not that it really matters, thigh-highs are thigh-highs no matter whose name you slap on them. eewww!

And before you all go postal on me, remember; this was all Breeze’s idea

* Just a coincidence, but wasn’t “Sarah” on that album too?