Thursday, March 4, 2010

Because I Said So

As Big Guy continues plans to ram his health care plans through, it’s becoming more apparent why we’re so concerned with keeping our kids healthy. So yesterday found us on the road again as Lady M continues her No Fat Child’s Behind campaign. This time in Mississippi.

miss3Stripes, with pretty healthy looking kids and their teacher

At the Brinkly middle school, we went with the horizontal striped awning jacket added to the basic black slacks that we wore with a warmer jacket earlier in the day at Pecan Park school.

ms3  Do they have ski hills in Mississippi?

610xMo with Governor Haley Barbour, the epitome of sveltness



We wore our signature BB to emphasize our own behind sveltness.miss2

While MO was working on fat behinds in MS,  Big Guy was back at the Big White kicking the real thing. You can tell, because he wore his lavender A** Kicking Tie (you know, the one he wears every time he has to yell at greedy capitalists). It works so well he wears it now whenever he has to speak harshly to some of the little people.

bg lavender Big Guy with the Big White Lab Coats at the Big White (they work in the pastry department)

This time I think he was chewing out his fellow Americans. At least the ones (86%) who don’t agree with him about his healthcare bill. As I heard it, it sounded pretty much like “The debate is over. We have to pass this bill because I said so. And we’re going to do it no matter what it takes.” Or, as someone else once said, by any means necessary.


But I could have heard that wrong. I was in Mississippi.