Monday, March 1, 2010

We’re Keepin’ Our Kools

Big Guy is still smoking?

bo pack Smokin’ In the Boy’s Room

Well, that explains why little Bo smells so bad.

bo-dog-with-obama-041309-xlgBO and Bo going out for a smoke. 

And his cholesterol is still over 200? I thought the organic veggies were supposed to take care of that.

Bo Obama%20cheeseburgerLate night snack 


bo cheese

BO’s Big Bite







I don’t know, I think if I was Big Guy, I’d Get Movin’ pretty soon.

mean mo2 Put. The. Cheeseburger. Down. Now!


I don’t know where this is going. Obviously Big Guy has an oral fixation. If he quits burgers, ice cream AND cigarettes, where does that leave us?

O birdieHow many fingers do you see? Wrong, peon.

We’re hoping that Big Guy’s proposal to make medical marijuana available at all Quickie-Marts will break the deadlock in his health care plan, and avoid the nuclear option.

Complete disclosure: Raj is no longer affiliated with any D.C. area Quickie-Marts.