Friday, March 5, 2010

Step Up & Move, Amigo

Wow! Can Lady M ever kick butt soccer balls!


Here I thought I had a free day, but it turns out we had a big soccer date announcing a new partnership between the U.S. Soccer Foundation and the National Alliance for Hispanic Health.


So in case you thought Lady M was just picking on black kids with her No Child’s Fat Behind program, she’s moved on to harp at Hispanic kids today. I think Irish kids are next in line.This is a post-racial presidency, after all.  We’re expecting funding for Irish Step-Dancing with Michael Flatterly any day now.

DNEWS Rhythm of Ireland

Besides, if we’re going to join in the Celtic dancing, it means we must GO SHOPPING! I’ve already got the shoes, mcqueen shoes

but I’m looking for some of you designers out there to step up to the plate (so to speak) and send us an appropriate dress for MO to wear. Otherwise, we’re going to have to go with this:mo step dancer-2 copy   Highlights from the soccer camp:


You, Pedro! Drop that Snickers bar, or I’ll kick your big fat butt!


And the best news out of all of this: these are the best fitting slacks we’ve ever owned.