Monday, June 11, 2012

When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin’ Along

Wow! You’ve got to admire Lady M don’t you? Jammed into a busy week of praising Disney for banning ads for junk food from its airwaves


"Food and beverage advertisers who seek to promote their products on Disney Channel or Disney XD will be required by 2015 to meet guidelines regarding serving size, calories, fat and sugar content."

humping her new book (debuting at #1 on the NYT best seller list of gardening books by political wives!)

mo bloomberg interviewThese aren’t ripe yet.

and humping (so-to-speak) for the reelection campaign,

mo dale city VA

Lady M  still found time to squeeze in one of her “most important jobs: being a mom”  responsibilities: by throwing a pre-teen pre-birthday party for Wee Won 2, who turned 11 yesterday.

66538PCN_MObama25File photo cuz u no the rules by now: no cell phones anywhere the WONs eat

Being the wonderful mother she is, Michelle jumped at the chance to give her daughter what she wanted. A get together with Sasha’s sister Malia and ten classmates was arranged earlier this week at a Red Robin in Virginia, and by all accounts, the afternoon couldn’t have gone more swimmingly. The girls chowed down on chicken sandwiches, burgers with avocado and milkshakes, while mom set aside her preference for healthy eating for a few hours.

According to US Magazine, sources at the restaurant have gushed about how easy to get along with and generous the whole party was.

Seriously, that’s what everyone says about Lady M, especially after the adult beverages have been served.

“Before leaving the restaurant, the First Lady left a generous tip for the server and tapped management on the shoulder to let them know ‘everything was wonderful and the girls had a great time.’”

mo touches queenYou little people did a nice job today, Queenie

Quite honestly, I kind of like the idea of having a family and budget-friendly birthday party rather than those over-the-top soirees that include pony rides and live puppies in the kids’ goody bags. Kudos to the First Lady for keeping it real.

For sure:NBA Finals Celtics Lakers BKeeping it real at the NBA playoffs in the Lakers box

safari2Keeping it real on the Botswana savannah

Malia Obama Nickelodeon 25th Annual Kids Choice bmIJqT3SQdWlKeeping it really real at the Nickelodeon Awards


Sadly, the President himself wasn’t able to get his own Red Robin fix in as he was off campaigning, [in young Hollywood]


Obama IDianna agron gleeObama jeremy renner hawkeye the avengersObama zachary quinto  star trek heroes_Instagram_Five_aObama_benjamin mckenzie southlandjpgObama_josh radnor how i met your motherObama Brandon routh clark kent

but something tells me he picked up something special to celebrate Sasha officially becoming a tween.

x610Yo, dude, Sasha’s gonna love this!

I love it when the Obama’s do regular American things, and there are few more regular American things than overindulging at a chain restaurant.



Like the Red Robin…no wait; the Red Robin? Home of the “bottomless fries” Red Robin?


And the custom, what, like 5 pound hamburgers?

Screenshot Studio capture #565

Special seasoning? (A secret blend of 20 herbs and spices, 99% of them salt. Sorry Mayor Bloomberg.)


Endless sugary beverages? (Again, sorry Bloomie)

Screenshot Studio capture #563

Double barreled milkshakes?

Screenshot Studio capture #561

And mile high mud pie?

Screenshot Studio capture #562

Of course you could always get a dry grilled chicken filet sandwich and a nice glass of icy cold water with lemon.


Not that anyone did.


Butt then, it was all for the children. So I’m sure you all don’t mind picking up the check. And the very generous tip.


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