Monday, July 9, 2012

My So Called Recovery

Do you remember My So Called Life, the “critically acclaimed but short-lived” series about adolescent angst?

Well, check out “My So Called Recovery”  - it makes adolescence look charming.

my so-called recoveryIn which we track the % of the civilian population actually working these days

Wow! Now there’s a hockey stick graph that Al Gore would die for!

This is another way of looking at all those people that Big Guy’s mathamagical team  “disappeared” from the workforce. Now you know where they all ended up: unemployed. Just like the ones we officially count. What makes them different? The unemployed people who’ve dropped out of the workforce have officially abandoned HOPE.

If counted, the actual workforce unemployment stands at 17% (Gulp. That’s pretty close to Argentina’s, just before everything fell apart!).That is a BIG GULP! That’s over 27 million people in need of a job! In America! So what do you say; let’s get out there and protest the RICH people, who create jobs!


What if you gave an Occupy protest at a Romney fundraiser and nobody came? Other than the local gendarmes?

The protesters were bused into the tony beachside village from Manhattan to demonstrate against Romney and his host — but several made use of the free bus ride just to sit out on the beach.

koch-romney protestCops, to the left, protestors, to the right. Wait; shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Well, it was hot. Still, it looks like the Occupiers  have passed beyond angst and moved right into ennui.

Butt enough of that angsty stuff; here’s some real life sorrow. We received news yesterday of the passing of another iconic actor, Ernest Borgnine – no relation to Jeri Ryan, the Borg’s 7 of 9.


You may recall that Jeri was the Borg that Big Guy’s election team used to cut down his Senatorial opponent Jack Ryan back in 2004. Ha! What a prankster! Her allegations that caused Ryan to drop out of the race were never proven. As it turns out Jeri, being an actress and all, just made up a composite story about all the kinky sex! Who would do such a thing?

Anyway, for those paying attention to such things, Ernie’s passing marked the second of three (2 of 3) in the rule of three’s – with Andy of Mayberry being the first.

So let’s see, that’s one from the left hand side of the leger, although I prefer to think of Andy in his pre-senile years as Andy of Mayberry rather than Andy of Late-Life-Care-Managed-by-Team-Obama.

Screenshot Studio capture #600If they ever want to do a re-make of Andy of Mayberry, I’d nab American Idol winner Scotty McCreery

Although, even back then Andy was pretty liberal; he did make his only deputy, Barney, walk around with an unloaded gun.

Anyway, I’m not sure about this butt I think we could say that old Ernie was from the right side of the ledger. After all, Lt. Commander McHale used to let the crew ski behind the boat and he broke just about every other rule in the book while defending his country against the enemy. So at a minimum, I think we can put him down as a libertarian.


And at least Lt. Commander McHale knew about the proper care and feeding of his dog. Unlike certain other Commander’s. If you know what I mean.

bo-dogcone copy

Butt I digress: the rule of three’s requires that one more famous person pass in the short term, and our Rule of Fairness indicates that it should be someone from the left hand side of the ledger this time. I would throw this open to speculation, butt I’m concerned that this heat wave might overwhelm our normally well-controlled angst and natural decorum. The results might end up looking like something you’d find over on any of the Lefty sites.

So to prevent that eventuality, and as a preemptive strike for “Web-neutrality,” allow me to choose two well-scrubbed, authorized suggestions for you to pick from for “the next famous person to bite it”

  1. Hugo
  2. Fidel

Naturally, you’re allowed to vote for anyone else you’d like to, butt your vote won’t count.

Carry on now. That is all.

abandon hope copyAll Aboard!

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